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CCTV Concept

CCTV Concept – Safe City Initiatives

Viseum CCTV Concept for Safe Cities


First 5 Years’ programme + CCTV Design and pilot installation


The Safe City Concept is an initiative optimizing performance for all public services making a city safe. Human-centred decision support security systems are used. A city’s routine and emergency security services will constantly evolve. From event logistics, detailed experiences and results. Big data proves invaluable optimizing costs and procedures, making a city safer from each lesson learned.

For the best next step of delivering security success, we will first need to understand what your likely timescales are for your Safe City security project. The more notice that we have will help us arrange for suitable members from our own safe city team. Our counter-terrorism, government security advisors and national strategy teams can then support you. They will help you through the processes to strengthen and grow your CCTV security assets.


Safe City Concept - CCTV design

CCTV Design System Architecture

Viseum UK is managing an increasing number of Safe City projects throughout the world. The Safe City delivery processes have been fully optimized to run in parallel with the design of your city’s security. This includes delivery of your initial order, design of your security infrastructure, initial training and integration. Usually, the first installations will deliver security for your city’s highest risk areas (for example, pedestrian crime and/or traffic Public Safety hotspots). This will help you discover the capabilities, benefits and operational processes of Viseum solutions. This initial training and pilot installation process can also be completed in synchronisation with your agreed citywide deployment schedule. The following steps are then necessary to prioritise and manage each Safe City security project:

Safe City Concept Study

Top-level Safe City Concept meetings and analysis are vital to allow us to fully understand the following:

  • Your needs and concerns, such as terrorism, traffic management and criminal behaviour.
  • Geo-political aspects, societal and economic issues, climate.
  • Intelligence databases, the threat and potential incident spectrum, most likely/most dangerous incidents.
  • Existing security measures and command and control resources.
  • Critical assets and infrastructure (site/city inputs and outputs).

Safe City Technical

It is crucial to obtain the complete ground truth from a remote site and deploy the best first responder services. For this, the CCTV camera that reliably produces the most amount of accurate situational awareness information must be used.

The Safe City Concept study establishes an operational requirement based on your brief. This also gives a top-level understanding of what Viseum’s capabilities will allow you to achieve for your security services. This study will establish the following:

  • The Safe City Command Control and Communications – These will typically be strategically positioned Command Control Rooms monitoring a number of areas, with one master Command Control Centre overseeing all the Command Control Rooms. This can help identify the size and number of control rooms, display requirements and the associated system/building/power resilience:
    • Security growth – How many cameras will be managed now? How many cameras will need to be managed in 5 years’ time?
    • Resilience – Do some or all of the Control Rooms need to be blast-proof? Should they have mirrored data and operational processes fall-back locations? Do other risk mitigation factors need to be designed?
    • Security staff – The skillsets for local people as surveillance operators with their local knowledge of the layout and security issues. How many emergencies can they confidently manage? How many routine surveillance cameras could they competently deal with at any given time?
  • The Safe City Camera Locations – Areas that need surveillance cameras, and their mounting and resilience options:
    • Camera sensors – Identify the suitable camera and lens at each camera installation. This usually depends on what is the available ambient light.
    • Coverage – Are cameras required for all main high streets and highway junctions, and/or other specific areas? What buildings require coverage inside?
    • Camera poles – Depending on the site layout and environment, some poles will have different designs. This is to mitigate different risks of attack.
    • Power – Is the power at each camera installation stable? Or does the power fluctuate for an average number of hours per day? This will identify if standby backup power is needed.
  • Camera Communications – The required video/data transmission systems and their resilience:
    • Media type – Can some of the sites have hard-wired transmission or does everything need to be secure wireless?
    • Available bandwidth – Some camera installations will need to send more information back to the Command Control Centre. Other camera installations will need to send varied information at random times.
  • Regional Requirements – Limitations, restrictions, regulations, etc.
  • Commercial Input/Output – Logistics for supply, installation and maintenance.

Safe City Concept CCTV Design

Safe City Concept

Safe City Concept Paper

The information learned from the feasibility study will result in an agreed system operational requirement. This allows the initial design concept to be produced and the general systems architecture to be understood.

Safe City Detailed CCTV Design

After the customer’s acceptance of the concept design, an in-depth document will be produced. This will give performance specifications of all equipment and operation of that equipment. This will include configuration detail, schematic drawings, schedules and project deployment programmes.

Complete End-to-End On-time Installation Management

In line with the Smart City initiative, each and every process is optimized with the fastest and most-efficient practical methods to design, deliver and benefit from each part of the Safe City project, from concept design through to full in-life operation. This is achieved using our trusted secure single source asset mapping system. It can use secure GPS (Global Positioning System) RFID tags embedded in all cameras and security devices. This allows you to manage processes securely in real-time, automatically and with your complete control and visibility.

Project Manager

Your Viseum Safe City Project Manager is a seasoned security professional with a wealth of multi-disciplinary experience. They will ensure your needs are given the very highest priority. This manager can have day-to-day oversight of the project. From pre-contract negotiations to delivery, installation, integration into a Command Control (including complete Control Room design and build where appropriate) and handover of the system. They will be the first point of contact for all enquiries. They will also provide you with regular reports on progress on the contract.

Safe City Operational Security – Scope, goals and objectives – Short, medium and long term

Viseum will be responsible for the best fit-for-purpose technology. We will take responsibility for helping you deliver the best security success. We will need to know what security effect you want to achieve in the short term. Also what security effect you want to have achieved over the first 5 years, and then 10 years. Viseum will then develop processes and a growth plan to help you deliver this.

These development processes relate to how and when you interact with your existing security infrastructure. That is your security guards, police, emergency services, army, etc. Also how you interact with your public. Viseum will help select and train your security staff. They will help develop appropriate processes, policies and strategies for using the CCTV. In proactive, reactive and post-incident investigations capacities. Your Viseum Project Manager is exclusively focused to deliver this success. This includes the successful integration of your existing security and surveillance solution processes and policies.


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Safe City Support and Ongoing Training Services

Viseum UK is well known for introducing cutting-edge technologies as trusted plug-and-play solutions. A significant part of this is how we deliver support using Viseum Remote Managed Support Service. This service uses secure remote access that you can enable and disable as and when you may need help. It is fully supported by the company’s team of dedicated IT security specialists. All of whom have extensive experience in the integration of IP security, data networking and end-to-end CCTV processes. This enables the Viseum Support Team to provide first-hand interactive training and support. This helps Viseum’s Centre of Excellence see what the end-users see, and listen to their local knowledge. The intelligent learning capabilities of each Viseum IMC Camera installation can then be trained. This helps each camera operate automatically as needed to clear up and stamp out crimes, and optimize traffic management.

CCTV Concept Documents:

  1. Safe City – Report on high risks.
  2. Safe City Pilot/POC.
  3. Viseum Technology and Support Strengths.
  4. Viseum Site Survey.
  5. Safe City – Phased Technology Introduction Programme.
  6. Benefits of Safe City – Training Course Number 1.
  7. Benefits of Safe City – Training Course Number 2.
  8. Safe City Delivery Process Presentation.
  9. Safe City Operational CCTV Training.
  10. Command Control Operations.