The Head of CCTV Surveillance for this Police Force also said, "Viseum's technical capability is unquestionable, but we will always remember Viseum above anyone else for their main strength of listening to us to develop their innovation."


CCTV Innovation

Viseum® CCTV Innovation Value Philosophy   Places, where people gather, are targets for mass killings, yet have always been the most technically problematic areas to deliver security. The value of an organisation’s entire security enterprise is openly seen throughout high profile incidents and investigations. During these emergencies the value of having enough quality video is priceless. Viseum’s CCTV Innovation now ... Read More »

CCTV Technology Partnerships

Viseum Certified Technology Partners – Complete Change of Sales Strategy…   For enjoying business with the Viseum’s UK Group and for our mission to be fulfilled, it will be essential for all of our sales demonstrations and processes to be followed using this programme.   Examples of Viseum Technology Partners Success: Viseum Technology Partner’s product integrations with the Viseum IMC ... Read More »