SALES TEMPLATE – Safe City Regeneration Ecosystem

  This is the Viseum® Safe City letter template. This has proven successful to introduce Viseum innovation. Viseum UK are patent innovators and international manufacturers of intelligent CCTV solutions. Viseum offers a powerful set of automated CCTV Surveillance features which transform countries and cities to a new high standard.   CUSTOMER’S NAME safe city security and city regeneration programme We would ... Read More »

Viseum® Sales Demonstrations

Face Recognition Software

  Viseum® is the CCTV and surveillance industry standard for automated security and situational awareness   Viseum catches perpetrators in the act. Also, if not initially using our Product Solutions, we catch them with rapid investigations. We do not waste our customer’s valuable time. We automatically find and follow people that do not want to be found.   Viseum demonstrations ... Read More »

CCTV Innovation

  Viseum® CCTV Innovation and value philosophy   Places, where people gather, are targets for crime, disorder and mass killings. But these areas have always been the most technically problematic to deliver security. Also, the value of an organisation’s security enterprise is openly seen throughout high-profile incidents and investigations. During these emergencies, the value of having enough quality video is ... Read More »

CCTV Technology Partnerships

Complete Change in sales strategy for Viseum Certified Technology Partners – “With the heightened global demand for our security and surveillance Product Solutions, it is crucial to focus our sales on customers who need Viseum the most.” And, “Viseum does not quote under any conditions where we are not confident of the sale.” (Viseum UK Group President) Many technology businesses want ... Read More »