After seeing Viseum IMC Cameras monitoring access to a perimeter as well as within the perimeters compound, a City Governor said he will save lives by detecting insurgents approaching and infiltrating his City without risking the lives of his guards.

About Us

CCTV Video Quality

The Viseum Brand is primarily known for solving the problems with CCTV Video Quality. All non-Viseum branded CCTV cameras cannot deliver enough CCTV Video Quality. Viseum solved this very serious problem with the internationally patented invention known as the Viseum IMC (Intelligent Moving Camera).  Viseum's Flagship Product Solution Watch this video on YouTube This video shows how all other monitored video surveillance and standalone CCTV security ... Read More »

High-Quality CCTV Camera

High-Quality CCTV Camera, High-End CCTV Camera…   Viseum’s High-Quality CCTV Camera, the Intelligent Panoramic CCTV Camera, is the world’s highest quality CCTV security and surveillance camera. The solution to the many problems with security and surveillance, it uses high-quality fixed contextual view cameras and high-end PTZ Cameras together with Intelligent Video Analytics Software, to automatically monitor large complex and challenging environments. These high-end CCTV cameras are ... Read More »

CCTV Innovation

Value of Viseum UK CCTV Innovation… Value Philosophy of CCTV Innovation The value of having enough video during emergencies is priceless. The value of an organization’s entire security enterprise is openly seen throughout high profile incidents and investigations.   Viseum’s competing manufacturers will NOT have any CCTV Innovation. They will typically use a rebranded software pack and a camera for general ... Read More »

Safe City CCTV Performance

“The Best CCTV Performance Tested” Publicised installations of Viseum’s CCTV Performance     The World’s Best CCTV performance, using Viseum’s Intelligent Video Analytics Software, open platform Intelligent Video Management System and unique Intelligent CCTV Security Cameras. Our globally-patented Software Technology Services and panoramic surveillance CCTV camera uses significantly fewer cameras to cover much larger areas than any other CCTV camera technology. Our best-of-breed ... Read More »

CCTV Standards and CCTV Accreditation

British CCTV Standards Certify International CCTV Accreditation To consistently deliver success throughout your entire security enterprise, your CCTV cameras and software systems must be the highest quality, perform to the highest CCTV Standards and hold the most reputable CCTV Accreditation. High-End CCTV Security For any type of threat or disaster, video footage of before, during and after an incident is critical for the ... Read More »

CCTV Technology Strengths

Some of Viseum’s Surveillance Technology Strengths Viseum introduced Video Analytics Software to the world. Our International Patents are testament to us developing and supporting video surveillance technologies for far longer than any other organisation in the world. Viseum Surveillance Technology strengths help mitigate all threats across the spectrum: from antisocial behaviour and petty crime to serious assaults, criminal activity and terrorism. We have no realistic ... Read More »

CCTV Support Services

Remote Managed CCTV Support Services THE HIGHEST LEVELS OF CCTV SUPPORT     Viseum CCTV Support Services are a significant part of the Viseum Product Solutions range. This CCTV Support is also used to provide ongoing training for your Viseum Product Solutions and to remain at the cutting-edge of crime-fighting techniques. Viseum Product Solutions are fully supported by our team of ... Read More »

CCTV Design

World’s Best CCTV Design Expertise Viseum’s CCTV design expertise is proven to deliver the best security and the strongest available deterrent. Please contact your Viseum representative for our technical A&E specifications word document.     CCTV Design – Overall CCTV Camera Requirements A modular hardware configured multiple CCTV camera unit is required to enhance the effectiveness of the CCTV design, to ... Read More »

Security Project Delivery Management

Viseum’s ON-TIME Delivery System Save at least 35% operational expenditure and increase project performance by at least 20% Problem The stakeholders, planners, designers, suppliers, the main contractor and sub-contractors, all use isolated (separate) project delivery systems, to deliver the same project. During a project delivery, it is natural for any one of these to make many changes but to not inform others ... Read More »

Continuous Improvement Programme

Continuous Improvement Programme Endorsed by Metropolitan Police Force “Their vision in wanting to improve an already great service and product is astonishing. Their support team often ask us on how the system could be improved for users. I am equally impressed that Viseum not only listens to comments but is always willing to take on board those suggestions and implement ... Read More »