After seeing Viseum IMC cameras monitoring their perimeter and within the perimeter's compound, a city governor said he will save lives by detecting insurgents approaching and infiltrating his city without risking the lives of his guards.

CCTV Demonstrations

How CCTV Works – Viseum® Intelligent Moving Camera

Best CCTV Camera

Fully Automated CCTV Security and Surveillance   Solving the CCTV industry’s problem of low quality and missing video evidence   The only CCTV camera to automatically detect multiple incidents from short range to long range in all directions at the same time. It operates completely automatically controlling a moving camera to follow the required action and confirm incidents. With high-quality close-up ... Read More »

Low Light Security Camera

Low Light Security Camera

  Best low light security and surveillance camera for short range to long range     The CCTV and surveillance industry’s standard deterrent for automated security and situational awareness   The Viseum 360 CCTV Camera has a patented multi-camera system to support environments that suffer from low light. This uses wide contextual view cameras and a moving PTZ Camera with ... Read More »

Track and Trace

Viseum iVOS F3™ Track and Trace   Viseum iVOS F3™ (Find, Fix and Follow) Automated Track and Trace People Surveillance. Tracking where people have been, where they are now, and where they are going. Early prototypes know as Tag and Track. Face Recognition Camera & Software using Social Media Investigations - Anti-Terror CCTV TrainingWatch this video on YouTube   Border ... Read More »

Face Recognition Camera

  Fully automated Face Recognition Camera from Viseum®   Captures 100 x more faces. Over 25 x more usable video. Clears up over 15 x more incidents. Viseum IMC™ Intelligent Moving Camera and Viseum FaceRec™. AI Facial Recognition Software Technology Services: Automatically detect and recognize faces. From short range to long range at greater distance than any other camera. Reliable face ... Read More »