As internationally patented, our network of partners introduce Viseum technologies to new regions and industries to displace established technologies. Some of the world’s other examples are; The Internet and the PC.

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Viseum® Sales Demonstrations

Face Recognition Software

  Viseum® is the CCTV and surveillance industry standard for automated security and situational awareness   Viseum catches perpetrators in the act. Also, if not initially using our Product Solutions, we catch them with rapid investigations. We do not waste our customer’s valuable time. We automatically find and follow people that do not want to be found.   Viseum demonstrations ... Read More »

How CCTV Works – Viseum® Intelligent Moving Camera

Best CCTV Camera

Fully Automated CCTV Security and Surveillance   Solving the CCTV industry’s problem of low quality and missing video evidence   The only CCTV camera to automatically detect multiple incidents from short range to long range in all directions at the same time. It operates completely automatically controlling a moving camera to follow the required action and confirm incidents. With high-quality close-up ... Read More »

Viseum® Safe City Ecosystem

Viseum® SafestCities™ Ecosystem   Places, where many people gather, are targets for crime, disorder and mass killings. These areas have always been the most technically problematic areas to deliver security. Viseum technology can deter extremists, detect and disrupt a potential attack. The same technology will offer decision support to incident commanders. It will provide law enforcement and judiciary with all they need to intercept, detain and charge the ... Read More »

Latest technological innovation from Viseum® Ethical AI

  iGlobal™ patented AI empowering local, national and worldwide innovation. Accelerating humanity into the 22nd century ahead of time.     Global SafetyWatch® – Viseum® Ethical AI latest technology innovation and patented step-change. The Viseum UK Group is proud to have some of its board members, senior managers and technology developers become part of this project. These recent initiatives focus ... Read More »

Viseum tops the standard CCTV camera market

  The CCTV Camera Market is worth $105.20 billion. Viseum® is ranked among the top distributors of standard non-specialist cameras.   CCTV and IP Security Cameras for Retailing Market 2023 Growth Opportunities and Future Outlook | Top Companies Axis Communications, Vicon Industries Inc., Cisco Systems Inc., Tyco International, INSTAR, Schneider Electric, Bosch Security Systems, Viseum UK Group, Voltek Automation Ltd, Pelco, ... Read More »

Video Analytics Software

  Intelligent Video Analytics Software from Viseum®   Automatically catch perpetrators in the act. Or, if not initially using one of Viseum’s Product Solutions, catch them with rapid investigations. Do not waste valuable time. Automatically find and follow people that do not want to be found.   Reliably 4 times greater accuracy than any other Video Analytics. In real-world deployments. From ... Read More »

Face Recognition Software

  AI Facial Recognition Software from Viseum® “Viseum’s facial recognition system has become essential for daily life, just as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR).” Viseum iVOS FaceRec™ Human-Centred Face Recognition AI Software Technology Services.   Viseum Facial Recognition Software optimizes any network of CCTV cameras. Automatically detect and recognize faces from short range to long range. Greater distance than any ... Read More »

CCTV Tower

CCTV Tower

  AiTower™ public event surveillance and high-security asset protection – AI CCTV Tower from Viseum®   Viseum® rapid deploy CCTV Tower is the world’s best rapid deployment CCTV for fast automated high-security situational awareness. Automatically reporting incidents for rapid response and investigations.   A single rapid deployment camera covers up to the size of 4 Olympic stadiums. Full 360 degrees high-quality CCTV ... Read More »