One of the largest police forces in America said, “We see many futuristic crime fighting films on TV but Viseum has actually already done it.” A UK distributor said, “This is the closest available Video Analysis Software to copy a surveillance operator.”

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Distributor CCTV Training Video Analytics VMS

Viseum CiVMS™ (Central Intelligent Video Management System) and centrally processed Viseum iVOS™ Advanced Video Analytics Software Technology Services Viseum Certified Corporate Distributors > Viseum’s Certified Corporate Partner Programme < CCTV Training course benefits of Viseum Licensing and Certification Technical Training Programme Benefits This Viseum Certified Corporate Distributor training programme is for the Viseum Central Intelligent Video Management System (Viseum CiVMS). Using ... Read More »

Continuous Innovation Programme

  Remain ahead of terrorists and other criminals with Viseum’s Continuous Innovation Programme for the highest levels of security and surveillance.   Endorsed by Metropolitan Police Force “Their vision in wanting to improve an already great product and service is astonishing. Their support team often ask us how the system could be improved for users. I am equally impressed that Viseum ... Read More »

CCTV Strategy

Viseum® SafestCities™ and the UK Government’s latest CCTV Strategy   Today’s CCTV Strategies are for system automation and systems integration. Viseum UK is the only CCTV Technology provider to match the UK Government’s latest National CCTV Strategy Recommendations. These recommendations sought Viseum’s patented innovation to overcome the many long-standing and widely recognized problems with both new and legacy CCTV systems. “Viseum ... Read More »

CCTV Patent Regulations

  The CCTV and surveillance industry-standard deterrent and automated security and situational awareness     Viseum Panoramic Security Camera Patent Examination   In 2014 a $2 billion manufacturer spent over $1 million in legal attempts to undermine Viseum’s Patented AI Technology. But they failed. This happened after they consistently lost every citywide project when competing against Viseum.   They employed ... Read More »

Command Control Software and Design

Remote CCTV Monitoring

Viseum’s Command Control Optimized Situational Awareness   Obtain the complete ground truth using Command Control Software and deploy the best first responder services. For this, the most situational awareness information is needed. Use the best CCTV camera that reliably produces the most amount of accurate situational awareness information. For the best Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) Software, the Viseum Panoramic ... Read More »

Police CCTV Yearly Savings Calculator

Direct Operational Police Savings Calculator

Viseum Intelligent CCTV Savings   Operational Safe City savings for existing and expanding Police Temporary CCTV operations. Compared to increasing ongoing costs for police personnel.   Viseum has developed these operational crime-fighting savings calculators. Produced with the security professionals who designed, built and managed  London’s Metropolitan Police Command Control. The calculations used for these savings are based on real-life examples ... Read More »

City CCTV Yearly Savings Calculator

Direct Operational Police Savings Calculator

How Viseum Intelligent CCTV Saves Money   Operational Safe City savings for existing Council CCTV networks, compared to increasing ongoing costs for Council CCTV security personnel.   Viseum has developed these operational crime-fighting CCTV savings calculators, with help from the security professionals who designed, built and managed London’s Police Command Control and Communications network. The calculations used for these savings ... Read More »

Government, Police and Defence

People Tracking and Vehicle Surveillance Viseum is well known for being at the forefront of the security industry for introducing high-end cutting-edge CCTV technologies as trusted plug-and-play solutions. The police and local authority sectors are major key strengths of the Viseum UK security business, with the technical performance and reliability of our security solutions producing the most effective surveillance to ... Read More »

Enterprise Security

Viseum® Enterprise Security   The only enterprise surveillance camera system to automatically follow people and remember, think and react.   Automated surveillance of people, faces, vehicles and number plates can be correlated together with many other smart security devices, for almost unlimited corporate enterprise security applications. Countless scenarios where using the right video information automatically proves invaluable: Enterprise Security – ... Read More »

Face Recognition Camera

  Fully automated Face Recognition Camera from Viseum®   Captures 100 x more faces. Over 25 x more usable video. Clears up over 15 x more incidents. Viseum IMC™ Intelligent Moving Camera and Viseum FaceRec™. AI Facial Recognition Software Technology Services: Automatically detect and recognize faces. From short range to long range at greater distance than any other camera. Reliable face ... Read More »