UK Member of Parliament and Lord Commissioner of Her Majesty’s Treasury said, “I met with Viseum and was impressed with their intelligent CCTV innovations."

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المدن الآمنة Viseum SafestCities™

سوق أوراق مالية جديدة متعددة المليارات لوقف الجريمة والإرهاب الجماعي  تقنية بريطانية مبتكرة تغير كيفية تحقيق الأمان عبر العالم اليوم، لأول مرة في التاريخ، يعيش الناس في المدن أكثر من المناطق الريفية، بما يجعل الكثيرين منا هدفا ممكنا للإرهاب. لهذا السبب، من المقرر وصول سوق جديدة متعددة مليارات الدولارات تسمى “سيف سيتيز-المدن الآمنة” إلى تحقيق أول مليار دولار نمو بحلول ... Read More »

Safe City – Un nouveau marché de la sécurité de plusieurs milliards de dollars pour prévenir le crime et le terrorisme de masse

Cette technologie de rupture britannique modifie la manière d’assurer la sécurité à travers le monde. Aujourd’hui, pour la première fois dans l’histoire, les villes comptent plus d’habitants que les zones rurales, ce qui fait que nous sommes bien plus nombreux à être des cibles potentielles du terrorisme. De ce fait, un « nouveau » marché de plusieurs milliards de dollars, appelé « Safe City » ... Read More »

India Safe City

SAFE CITY INITIATIVE (INDIA PERSPECTIVE) Public safety has emerged as an important and priority function for all governments across the world after the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack. It is also the constitutional duty and function of the state or Governments to ensure the safety of its citizens, organisations, and institutions against terror threats to their wellbeing as well as the ... Read More »

World’s Best Surveillance Without CCTV “Snooping”

CCTV News: Manned Security Solutions Face a Revolution – Viseum UK Delivers a “Guardian Angel” Technology to Stop the Chaos of Another Navy Yard or Boston Bombing The world continues to debate Edward Snowden’s revelations. However, Viseum UK of London, England has developed a hi-tech network of autonomous surveillance cameras to spot crime, whilst keeping prying human eyes unsighted – ... Read More »

Viseum SafestCities™ Reference Material

Safe City Press Release… Viseum UK’s lead with the international Safe City initiative has proven so successful that many publicists have interviewed the Viseum UK Safe City Team and published these findings. Please contact Viseum UK’s Press Office for more details on our Safe City programme.   Reference Information URLs: > Viseum UK Safe Cities presentation < – this is ... Read More »

Viseum’s Automated Surveillance Technology

Viseum UK’s Automated Surveillance Respecting Privacy New computerised CCTV surveillance cameras detect and confirm threats from 1 metre out to 39 kilometres  The Viseum UK Group Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Company has developed a video surveillance technology, which can keep us all safe from crime and violence whilst protecting our Right to Privacy.  Stuart Thompson was a recognized innovator with British Telecom, ... Read More »

Intelligent Video Security America

Success for Viseum America   This is the new Viseum brochure that attracted so much attention, it secured an invitation for Viseum to present at GovSec West in Dallas, Texas. Unsurprisingly, security and defence practitioners in the Americas face the same challenges in delivering security within complex urban and commercial environments. However, I’m delighted to tell you that having met some ... Read More »

Continuous Unblinking Surveillance

A Ubiquitous CCTV Security and Surveillance Solution to an Ever-Present Threat The modern civil and homeland security practitioner faces the same challenges that General Rupert Smith explained in his seminal work “The Utility of Force” – citing a “war among the people” as being the new norm in modern military operations. Today’s “security war among the people” takes place within a ... Read More »

Viseum Customers’ Business Case

CCTV ROI Business Case Viseum provides a compelling business case to help its customers secure their budgets for their security projects and ongoing purchase. As an example using Viseum’s flagship Product Solution – it would take 6 x constantly manned next best PTZ camera installations to monitor the same area as 1 x Viseum IMC. Viseum will deliver better results ... Read More »

Homegrown Homeland Security Threat

Viseum Considers its Technological Solutions to the Home-Grown Homeland Threat After the World Trade Center and Oklahoma City bombings, the Boston Marathon Bombing was merely a reminder, to America and other democratic nations, that we exist in a much-changed world. Today, people, ideology, opinions and even weapon technology can pass with ease through porous national and electronic borders. The carnage on the ... Read More »