One of the largest police forces in America said, “We see many futuristic crime fighting films on TV but Viseum has actually already done it.” A UK distributor said, “This is the closest available Video Analysis Software to copy a surveillance operator.”

Public Safety Video Intelligence

“The best video intelligence for public safety” Police Report

Viseum® Global F3 Video Intelligence


Another world’s first from Viseum® – Global F3 Find, Fix and Follow People Video Analytics Software. Tracking where people have been, where they are and where they are going.


Problems with Public Safety Video – The value of having enough Video Intelligence during emergencies is priceless. The value of a nation’s entire public safety security is openly seen throughout high-profile incidents and investigations:

  • It is crucial to study intensely each public safety CCTV camera to locate and follow suspects during emergencies, yet people are unreliable for critical services. With operatives failing to turn up for work, lacking concentration and with wages an ongoing and increasing cost.
  • During investigations, it is commonly accepted to waste millions of dollars each year, and many thousands of man-hours attempting to find and retrieve just a few seconds of crucial video evidence. This is from days or months of stored video. The vast majority of these efforts result daily in lengthy reports as to why the CCTV evidence was not available or could not be used.

Global F3 Video IntelligenceThe Solution for Public Safety Video Intelligence – A universal software platform that can be customised for use with any CCTV system. Operated securely either via the internet or locally, during live rapid chase and investigations of suspects. Viseum Global F3 video analytics software works with trained surveillance operatives. It automatically registers the identity of people entering the camera network and re-identifies them as they move throughout various locations where surveillance cameras are located:

The Command Control system is attached to the Viseum iVOS Global F3 system. This requires various input data such as types and locations of cameras, their respective transmission rates, and recording media. As well as the incident’s threat level and likely pursuit speed. Also this determines possible and likely travelling speed of the suspect.

When the suspect is identified either manually or automatically by Viseum iVOS software, the Global F3 system automatically follows them with alarms e.g. audio, text or visual display sent to command control, SMS text or email. When the suspect is hidden amongst similar looking people they are presented to the surveillance operative with a gallery of most likely for further examination.

Customised Public Safety Video Intelligence Enhancements

There are many other customised video systems that can also be integrated into Viseum’s Global F3 system, and play a key role in the emergency chase of suspects and for the most accurate situational awareness video intelligence:

Video Intelligence


  • Automatic Face Recognition – The ability to automatically match the face to a person being followed proves invaluable, especially when the suspect is hidden amongst similar looking people. People can be automatically identified as suspect if they consistently hide their identity when they approach CCTV cameras.
  • Automatic Vehicle Tracking – Pursuit often involves vehicles and the ability to automatically follow suspect vehicles and cross-check ownership information.
  • Public Device Upload Platform – This is a universal system for people to upload their images and any audio with location data for these investigations. Emergency broadcasts to be sent to relevant location smartphones, live and recorded images can be automatically uploaded to command control during such emergencies.
  • Mobile Phone Networks – Surveillance workflow for potential visual crosschecks depending on locations and frequencies of callers and recipients (Confidential region to region).
  • Counter Drone Systems and Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or Drone – Developing drone and counter-drone systems is a constant high-tech war against crime, terror and insurgency.
  • Knowledge Databases – Many organisations use central databases to store information on situational awareness of historical events, the performance of emergency processes, routine crime reduction initiatives, and to follow crime trends matched to CCTV enterprise key performance indicators.
  • Social Media Investigations – This is the Viseum iVOS Global F3 system with customised integration into social media communities to automatically analyse images and text according to each investigation. This can also be used to automatically corroborate or proactively identify the location and cause of public incidents.
Intelligent CCTV Panoramic Security Camera

Caution when using inferior low-cost public safety CCTV systems – as with using any low-cost system, its operational costs are higher and expected results are lower. In line with this – if Viseum iVOS Global F3 is used with a low-cost CCTV system it will still optimize the delivery of the best results.

Viseum iVOS Global F3 Video Intelligence 

Typical Public Safety Deployment Programme (LEVEL 5 following Technology Introduction Programme)


1) Pilot Design

Working Days

Systems integration pre-planning10
Systems research5
Agree and sign-off pilot success criteria10
Understand the scope of solution rollout5
Define pilot system specifications10



2) Pilot Deployment

Build pilot40
Install and commission10
Operational Training5
Execute pilot30 – 120
Changes and modifications of systems, processes and networking20
Define requirements for solution deployment.5


110 – 200

3) Solution Deployment

During all processes, there will be an intense resource needed with many iterations for improvements, changes, updates and modifications. There will be steady phased deployments from pilot to full-scale system growth.

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