“Viseum's Safe City security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.”

Housing Regeneration

Housing Regeneration CCTV Security

After several years of housing regeneration initiatives, just one Viseum IMC™ Camera clears up the worst crime hotspots.

Housing Regeneration Security

street cctvThis case study is from a well-publicised solution to the problem of Housing Regeneration It was based on a like-for-like comparison between a Viseum Panoramic Security Camera and the council’s manned surveillance infrastructure. Over a one year period, even in its prototype stage, the Viseum IMC caught crucial evidence of all reported incidents and also several unreported ones, but the manned CCTV infrastructure didn’t catch anything until the Viseum Panoramic Security Camera camera was integrated into the CCTV command control room.

In today’s financial climate there is a need to save on the costs of fighting ever increasing crime and antisocial disorder. Standard CCTV is the most economic crime-fighting asset but the number of today’s standard CCTV cameras needed to cover all public areas isn’t economical. Currently cameras are only used to cover some strategic positions and as a result, evidence is often missed or not recorded with any quality. The costs of installing many cameras and their lack of performance mean that security for many communities remains a threat.

For the best available CCTV to protect more communities, and for the most cost-effective camera solution to cover more areas for Housing Regeneration, the Viseum Panoramic Security Camera is a powerful asset for remote standalone street security, and for central control integrated street CCTV surveillance. It is a completely automated intelligent solution that operates as if it is manned, where everyone benefits from the increased security but without any additional CCTV operator monitoring costs.

The Viseum IMC is well proven to clear up crime hotspots faster than any other crime reduction initiative and even in the most challenging Housing Regeneration environments. Every law enforcement agency using the Viseum IMC endorse it to be worth at least 6 more than any other camera, with each installation giving confidence of successfully addressing particular crime issues.

The Viseum IMC Panoramic Security Camera:


  • Is proven to produce a minimum of 25 times more court-quality evidence and clear up 15 times more incidents than any other camera.
  • Each IMC camera installation gives greater coverage than at least 200 standard fixed cameras.
  • Performs the same as if a CCTV operator is constantly “manning” the camera.
  • Gives reassurance to residents.
  • Acts as a major long-term deterrent to would-be offenders.

“The only better deterrent is having resident security staff constantly on alert.” Neighbourhood Police Warden.

Luton Borough Council endorsed their confidence in the use of Viseum in several ways, including an official letter, their own publicity (which lead to publicity for Viseum on national TV and the tabloid press), and their offer to discuss with any others who want to learn about the benefits of the Viseum system.