Gigapixel CCTV or Intelligent Virtual Gigapixel CCTV?

Gigapixel CCTV or Intelligent Virtual Gigapixel CCTV?

Gigapixel CCTV v.s. Intelligent Virtual Gigapixel CCTV

Gigapixel CCTV – automated security and situational awareness for complex and challenging environments

Criminals with intent will carefully choose their moment to evade the many different types of “high security” standalone and monitored gigapixel CCTV systems, they will break through access control systems, and outwit manned guarding patrols.


Megapixel CCTV Camera Comparison

Manufacturers Comparison

Viseum UK’s Virtual Gigapixel CCTV Camera know as the Intelligent Moving Camera (Viseum IMC) has solved the very serious problem of all CCTV cameras missing valuable video information. It can automatically move to, zoom into, verify and record only the relevant video information. It typically delivers extended dual evidence of each incident, and not only of the crime itself but of the lead up to it and after it. This provides valuable information to recreate the incident; of who else witnessed it, where the suspects came and left, and how to mitigate further incidents.



15 Gigapixel CCTV Camera Comparison

The next best camera will waste significant bandwidth and storage to provide less video information. To cover the same area as a Viseum IMC Camera and record an incident automatically, anywhere in that area and at the same quality, a competitor would need a 15 Gigapixel(1) CCTV camera, and 100,000% more bandwidth and storage. In reality, the next best competitor can only use multiple cameras to cover only some of the priority areas, typically using at least 600% more bandwidth and storage, and with extreme costs for installation and 24/7/365 monitoring.

Note (1) 6 fixed cameras x (36x the 36 zoom x 2 megapixels PTZ camera) = 15 Gigapixels.

Virtual Guard/Virtual CCTV Operator/Virtual Gigapixel Camera


High-End Security Cameras - Virtual Gigapixel 360° CCTV Camera

Gigapixel Analytics 360° CCTV Camera

The Viseum IMC camera is commonly known as a Virtual Guard, a Virtual CCTV Operator and a Virtual Gigapixel Camera. In around 10 years other wide area megapixel cameras may match the ability to cover such large wide areas and at similar distance as the Viseum IMC. However, even by then, the ability to present the right amount of video data when required will always be prohibitive for these megapixel cameras to be used for high-security applications, due to the inability of such large images to benefit from advanced Video Analytics Software, the extended time required to search for events with the human eye, as well as the large storage and transmission bandwidth requirements.


The technical performance and reliability of the Viseum IMC camera gives the most effective easily setup and used CCTV security and surveillance available. It uses industry-leading camera sensors with narrow lenses, because the use of today’s next best wide area megapixel cameras would compromise the key benefits of the Viseum IMC’s effective day-and-night coverage, low, or no, transmission bandwidth, and low, or no, remote storage capacity requirements.

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Best Low Light CCTV Camera

The Viseum Panoramic CCTV Camera has a patented multi-camera system to support environments that suffer from low light. Its fixed and moving camera lenses with auto-zoom are designed to optimize the available ambient light. Also, for ultra-low light or where there is no light, the area covered by Viseum’s low light surveillance camera can be illuminated using infrared or white light devices, and can be wireless and battery powered if required.

Best Low Light CCTV Analytics Software

One of our main technology strengths is our advanced low light security camera technology and our low light CCTV Video Content Analytics (VCA) software, called Intelligent Virtual Operator Software (Viseum iVOS).  This provides low light outdoor CCTV security and key to this is the use of an advanced algorithm which continuously measures and adapts to constantly varying ambient light.  This is highly effective for low light security, when the naked eye finds it difficult to see.

Our Competitions Technical Restriction

The coverage of all other types of megapixel camera is reduced even further in low light conditions. Light passing through the camera deteriorates because of the limited pixel size, and coverage reduces further when pixels are merged as an attempt to compensate.