The London Mayor’s Office & Metropolitan Police installing Viseum Community SafetyWatch® pilots throughout London.

Community SafetyWatch® Safe City

The Best Community Safety initiative

Viseum® Community SafetyWatch®

Viseum’s Own Multi-Billion Dollar Protected Market

For everyone to live and work safe and secure. Imagine being protected by a community safety camera wherever you live and work, and by a CCTV service that does not infringe anyone’s privacy?


Community Safety WatchConcept created in the year 2000 with Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Bexleyheath Police Station 


Gigapixel Analytics 360° CCTV Camera


The visual appearance of the Viseum IMC Panoramic CCTV Camera operating automatically protecting all surroundings, displays to would-be criminals that the entire site is constantly watched by many surveillance experts. 

Many business and residential communities throughout the world are already wasting millions trying to address this market with inferior systems. They are getting rising levels of crime and antisocial disorder because they are the most technically problematic to deliver security. Governments are struggling to control this but now, communities are using our unique automated CCTV technology to control it themselves.






As international patent holders of the Intelligent Moving Camera (Viseum IMC) that makes all of this possible, we are now introducing CCTV with privacy as a self-funded security service, so that everyone can have it in their shared Public Safety areas. The concept is just like most of us paying for mobile phone, TV, and broadband, but now better services and feeling safe is all part of the same bundle.

  • Fear of crime and disorder gone.
  • Businesses and lifestyles regenerated.
  • Community spirit restored.

Community Safety Watch

Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® and UK CCTV User Group

UK CCTV ServicePublic Safety CCTV Endorsements

A self-funded and organically grown security service that also makes money. This is truly innovative.” UK Trade and Investment offering Viseum the largest financial Smart Award

This security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.” London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime

Self Funded CCTV Security

Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® is the world’s only group shared Public Safety CCTV service that local authorities endorse, for communities to own. It is paid for by the many service organizations that are already selling their services to businesses and households. With such highly competitive markets, all types of services are now paying for, and selling alongside, our unique security service:


  • Telco Multimedia Services (broadband, TV, telephone and mobile phone) – Telecommunications organizations are now delivering neighbourhood, retail, and industrial park security, as part of their bundled services to capture more market share.
  • Gas, Electricity and Water Services – Utility organizations are now winning their customers more easily and keeping them for longer.
  • Insurance Premiums – Insurance companies receive fewer claims with property and other assets being more secure, and prosecute more bogus claims thanks to the abundance of video evidence.
  • New Homes and OfficesConstruction companies are now finding it easier to win major building projects.

How to Start

For your first installation contact your Viseum representative. When installed it will move crime from its location to another, and, this is where the innovation of the subscriptions business model is; a) encouraging service providers to fund more installations, and b) encouraging neighbouring communities to also demand the camera system e.g. communities are now saying “if they are having CCTV on their street, then we must have it too”.

  • Panoramic Security Camera
    Concept created in the year 2000 with Metropolitan Police Chief Superintendent Bexleyheath Police Station    ...
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Residents Control Privacy and Big Brother


Business and residential communities have seen Viseum’s Community SafetyWatch® as a way to control their own security, and prevent local authorities from implementing standard CCTV and snooping on them. This is another one of Viseum Technology breakthroughs of how it overcomes privacy issues, to automate surveillance and play a major role in not relying on people having to watch over other people.

Laying to rest privacy concerns and delighting residents, the cameras’ built-in software means the recordings of people’s activity can be based on behaviour and location rather than how people look. If required, the camera protocols can only allow the viewing of live images when a crime is actually underway, and recordings relevant only to a particular incident.

Viseum® Community SafetyWatch®

This is the original Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® pitch deck attracting some of the world’s wealthiest investors.


Trusted Premium Brand Alliance – Supply Applications:

There is strong competition selling commodity services to households and businesses, and these markets are growing significantly year-on-year. Viseum is encouraging more select companies to become part of the Trusted Premium Brand Alliance, to supply and support this service, and be one of the first in their industry and region to be associated with Viseum Community SafetyWatch®. For this, these businesses are required to present their business proposal and negotiate their signup fee, type of control and period of control of their desired regions for the Community SafetyWatch® market. Viseum has published examples of typical revenues and is inviting more of the world’s best service providers, who feel they can be part of this in their countries to contact Viseum UK for further details.