“Viseum's Safe City security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.” After seeing Viseum IMC Cameras monitoring access to a perimeter as well as within the perimeters compound, a City Governor said he will save lives by detecting insurgents approaching and infiltrating his City without risking the lives of his guards. “Viseum's Safe City security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.” A security professional responsible for CCTV Designs of the world's Infrastructure Security also said "When security was breached before Viseum there was never any video to investigate and show us how best to strengthen the security."  The Sales Director for one of Viseum's PSIM Software competitors also said "We do not have anything like Viseum but if we did it will help us win every project that we bid for." This Police Officer also said "The Viseum Intelligent CCTV trailer is the fastest and most effective way to clear up our crime hotspots, because it gives immediate vast coverage just as soon as it reaches the remote site."

CCTV Technology Partnerships

Viseum Certified Technology PartnersViseum Technology and Support Strengths

Competition – Viseum solutions are internationally patented and therefore have no direct competition. This technology advantage wins high-end security projects when compared to any technical competition.

The vast majority of security products and services have so much competition it forces security-focused businesses to sell in high volume and reduce their quality. As security is specialised and not a box-shifting exercise the security industry is saturated with not-fit-for-purpose security equipment.

Disruptive Technology creates new markets and displaces established technologies, to change how people spend, save and make money in particular markets. The Viseum IMC camera is the only CCTV camera to automatically detect multiple incidents from close to long range and in all directions at the same time.

Viseum Disruptive Surveillance TechnologyAutomatically monitor and uniquely follow over 100 times more people or vehicles, and automatically detect and enforce over 15 times more incidents or traffic contraventions from just one camera installation.

> See Viseum CCTV Performance Statistics <

Complete Changes in Sales Strategy

Security Consultancy – With Viseum sales being a purely educational process, implemented at the design stage of security projects, Viseum naturally becomes the security consultants for the customer, with the role of specifying all other best-of-breed solutions. Because of this, and the patent-protected value Viseum solutions give the end user, all security-focused businesses want to resell their products and/or services alongside ours.

Examples of such technology partnerships – PTZ Cameras, Command Control, VMS, PSIM Software, PIDS, Network Technologies, Security Guard Services, CCTV Monitoring Services, etc. The PSIM Software market is a typical example of the larger sale taking several years of prospecting. With multiple vendors and high risk of losing the sale on price, there are no major Unique Selling Points other than integrating with Viseum. We often hear from PSIM Companies “users do not see PSIM Software as something they must have, and therefore cannot justify the spend”. In fact, with other PSIM Software Systems integrating into Viseum Product Solutions, the technical performance and Operational Savings make Viseum Holistic Intelligent Vision PSIM Software, crucial for optimising the value of the entire security estate.

Project Wins – The many unique benefits of Viseum’s patented cameras and best-of-breed software, is winning new security projects over any other CCTV offering. Viseum is multiplying this advantage by enhancing legacy systems with its vast network of Certified Technology Partners. Our success in choosing technology partners throughout the world is based on selecting the right businesses to work with. We only select completely mutual partnerships where Viseum not only learns how best to sell our partners’ offerings but also how our partners learn to sell the Viseum offering.

Technology Partner Selection – The successful legacy technology vendors that we select to supply each of our projects integrated with our technology offering is based on the performance of the first sales campaign. A security project is needed so that Viseum can learn about the vendors Unique Selling Points, but Viseum does not do anything until the selected partner identifies the first project.

Viseum Certified Technology Partnerships are selected once they are successful in their sales campaign for the Viseum upgrade programme:

Existing CCTV Scheme – Technology Upgrade Programme

Targeting the customers who benefit from remote monitored CCTV security services:

  • 24/7 always monitored CCTV camera networks.
  • Alarm Receiving Centres (ARC) alarm activated camera installations for manned response services.
  • Part-time manned or completely unmanned monitored CCTV camera networks.


Viseum and each Technology Partner enter into Non-Competing Agreement to ensure all mutual sales and marketing campaigns result in sales for Viseum and the Technology Partner’s joint solutions.

Business Model Example

The following is our preferred commercial model:

1. Digital Integration:

Typical server software connection fee – A one-off payment is paid per control room to technology partner per control room. Technology partner and Viseum will be required to code their software systems to integrate with each other. This typically costs each technology partner 1 engineer up to 5 days to code their software systems to Viseum IMC functionality level 3.

2. Analogue Integration:

Typical server software connection fee – A one-off payment per CCTV scheme is paid to technology partner per control room. No physical work from technology partner necessary.

Typical Sales Model

Step 1: “Save operational expenditure and improve security” ‐ World’s Best CCTV letter campaign targeting technology partners end users, resellers, and security consultants.

Step 2: Technology partner to call warm customers with a follow-up, Viseum will call all others.

Step 3: Sale processed through Viseum resellers.

Step 4: Sale closed and delivered by Viseum UK resellers with technology partner as a supplier.


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