After seeing Viseum IMC Cameras monitoring access to a perimeter as well as within the perimeters compound, a City Governor said he will save lives by detecting insurgents approaching and infiltrating his City without risking the lives of his guards.

Pilot CCTV Camera Installations

Pilot CCTV Camera Installations

Your First Intelligent CCTV Installations

The Viseum Brand is well known internationally for introducing cutting-edge technologies as trusted plug-and-play solutions. Together with the advanced design of each Viseum Product Solution, Viseum works carefully with you as the customer and listens to your security requirements.  In this way we have developed an effective and efficient sales process for our customers  to start benefiting from Viseum immediately.

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If you would like a test of  Viseum Product Solution’s there are 2 main options for trial/pilot or “proof of concept” installation:

  • Formal – This is where a set of test criteria is formally agreed prior to installation. Depending on the length of these tests and amount of resource needed, the customer may be required to commit to purchasing more of these Product Solutions following these tests being met successfully.
  • Informal – This is where you can trial the Viseum Product Solution for as long as required to learn of its capabilities, and identify what parts of your security estate can benefit from this enhanced security and situation awareness.

This service is delivered by your local Viseum Certified Corporate Integrator in Tri-Partnership with you and Viseum. During these processes Viseum can also learn of any other certification, approvals or recommended standards that your chosen Viseum Product Solutions requires to meet for your organisations buying criteria.

Entry level Safe City CCTV Installations We have a standard Viseum technology introduction programme for customers looking for remote site security. Viseum IMC cameras are initially installed for the customer to understand some of the main benefits of our camera technology strengths. Following this initial process of education and training, the customer can then understand and appreciate more benefits of Viseum’s other advanced technology strengths, such as automated face recognition, person identification and vehicle number plate recognition.

Typical on-site training deployments and time-scales

This is a general step by step guide on how Viseum Certified Corporate Partners are trained out in the field. Once all of these training phases have been processed, all Viseum iVOS software technologies can be combined to develop many market applications by the Viseum Certified Corporate Partner.

  1. The Viseum IMC cameras are the first phase of deployments within 6 weeks of the partner signing up to this programme. This training runs for 2 – 4 weeks. This will need:
  • Choices of deployment category – some of these installations can be permanent or temporary installations. For the larger contracts it is recommended to deliver Viseum’s Rapid Deploy intelligent CCTV Trailer to the customer’s point of interest.
  • Choicees of sensors for the Viseum Fixed Contextual View and PTZ cameras. This choice is based on lightingconditionsat each installation and for operational surveillance requirements.
  • Choices of software – each Viseum IMC camera can be managed using the Viseum iVOS camera software as standard. The CiVMS (Central intelligent Video Management System) can be used to manage many Viseum IMC camera installations from one user interface operating either locally or remotely from the camera installation.

> Download Viseum iVOS Software Specifications <

> Download Viseum CiVMS Software Specifications <

  1. The next deployment is phase 2 being Viseum iVOS FaceRec. Typically starting after the 4th week of phase 1 and lasts for 2 weeks for the general training on the concept of database management and how to implement camera installations.
  1. The 3rd phase of deployment is for Viseum iVOS ANPR. Typically starting after the 3rdweek of phase 2 and lasts for 2 weeks for the general training on the concept of database management and how to implement camera installations. Phases 2 and 3 each typically use:
  • At least 2 directional HD cameras and 1 Viseum IMC.
  • A dedicated Viseum CiVMS server running iVOS FaceRec software and another running iVOS ANPR software.
  1. The last phase of Viseum system deployment is for people surveillance in complex and challenging environments. This uses Viseum iVOS F3 (find, fix and follow) which automatically identify and automatically re-identifies targets (people and vehicles) throughout the CCTV network. This functionality is based on geospatial information, takes 4 weeks to train and the following considerations will be needed:
  1. For the most cost effective and efficient site to train on this technology, a “closed world” site will be needed ahead of procurement for project pricing. This is where people and vehicles are confined such as an airport or shopping centre. This takes 4 weeks of training and typically uses:
  • At least 8 – 16 directional HD cameras and 2 – 4 Viseum IMC cameras.
  • A dedicated Viseum CiVMS server running iVOS F3 software.
  • An “open world” remote site will be more beneficial for Safe City surveillance, but can only be developed once the Viseum Safe City Next Steps processes have been followed.

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CCTV British Standards

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Major Security Project Delivery Management

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Continuous Improvement Programme

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CCTV Support Services

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CCTV Design

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Security Value Philosophy

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Command Control Communications

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CCTV Technology Partnerships

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Security Consultancy

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This downloads page holds sales collateral to help generate and win Viseum sales. This page is regularly updated with new sales collateral, including brochures, Product Solution Data-sheets, Power Point presentations (many audio narrated videos) and white-papers, etc. Each sales asset here also changes regularly with better sales messages taken from our most recent customers feedback. General brochures Viseum Technology and Support Strengths ... Read More »

Surveillance Technology Strengths

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