The Head of Overt CCTV Surveillance for this Police Force also said "Viseum's technical capability is unquestionable, but we will always remember Viseum above anyone else for their main strength of listening to us to develop their innovation."

Security Project Delivery Management

Viseum’s ON-TIME Delivery System

Save at least 35% operational expenditure and increase project performance by at least 20%


The stakeholders, planners, designers, suppliers, the main contractor and sub-contractors, all use isolated (separate) project delivery systems, to deliver the same project. During a project delivery, it is natural for any one of these to make many changes but to not inform others about it. This creates significant delays in having all parties redesigning their project deliverables around many continuously changing requirements. This is the cause of why all major projects report to cost far more to deliver than originally budgeted.


We have several specialist UK manufacturing facilities sited in and around London. Our delivery and support infrastructure handles any size order to anywhere in the world from there. Figures suggest that up to 75% of major security projects delivered by any other organisation have been delivered behind schedule… and over 60% completed over budget. Viseum UK has evolved a trusted on-time delivery system that can save a minimum of 35% operational expenditure and increase project performance by at least 20%.

As the market leaders in the field we clearly take our software development, support and training extremely seriously. We sustain the largest PhD development network – for video content analytics, as well as 2 software development laboratories with 10 software engineers in each.


Viseum Support Infrastructure


Viseum Major Security Project Management


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