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Police CCTV Cameras

Viseum’s Police CCTV Cameras   Viseum IMC™ Police CCTV Cameras demonstrate new ability to monitor and move cameras automatically to reduce crime and disorder.   Metropolitan Police, “Our best crime deterrent.” Described by them as a Virtual Gigapixel Camera, a Virtual Operator and a Virtual Guard. Operates completely automatically. In all directions at the same time, it detects, confirms and ... Read More »

CCTV Technology Partnerships

Complete Change in sales strategy for Viseum Certified Technology Partners – “With the heightened global demand for our security and surveillance Product Solutions, it is crucial to focus our sales on customers who need Viseum the most.” And, “Viseum does not quote under any conditions where we are not confident of the sale.” (Viseum UK Group President) Many technology businesses want ... Read More »

Riot Police

Riot Police

Viseum® World’s Best Riot Police Tactics and Riot Cameras   “Riot Police using Standard riot cameras can only see crowds in one direction. This does not help riot control. Viseum’s Riot Cameras automatically detect and watch rioting in all directions at the same time.” (UK Police) Riot Cameras – Situational awareness for riot control Face Recognition Camera & Software using Social ... Read More »

First TV Endorsements – 2004

Historical Public Body TV Endorsements Our continued publicised success in solving the problem of wide-area security for all types of town and city regeneration schemes, has attracted European TV coverage on several occasions. The first appearance was on the UK’s BBC1 ‘The Politics Show’ where Viseum UK’s security technology was the focus for encouraging the use of CCTV Surveillance Monitoring. Viseum ... Read More »

Long-Range Wireless Security Camera

Viseum® AiRadio™ Long-Range Wireless Systems Long-range wireless communications of 200 km per wireless transmitter. Long-Range Wireless CCTV Benefits High-quality CCTV video transmitted over the longest range Wireless CCTV. Viseum has perfected the video transmission technique called Real-Time Auto-Balancing. The Viseum 360 Security Camera was also designed to deliver the highest quality images using low bandwidth. It is the only camera in ... Read More »