The Head of Overt CCTV Surveillance for this Police Force also said "Viseum's technical capability is unquestionable, but we will always remember Viseum above anyone else for their main strength of listening to us to develop their innovation."

UK Government’s CCTV Strategy

Viseum UK’s National CCTV Strategy…

Viseum UK is the only CCTV Technology provider in the world to successfully meet the UK Government’s latest National CCTV Strategy Recommendations. This report sought Viseum’s patented innovation to overcome the many long-standing and widely recognized problems with both new and legacy CCTV systems. “Viseum UK surpassed these recommendations in both specification and innovation.”

The World’s Only Multitasking CCTV Camera

What this means for our customers is the Viseum camera delivers holistic benefits for multi-agency compatibility. Example – each Viseum camera installation can remain being used for its primary task such as automated traffic management, but can also be used at the same time for other functions such as securing the city and creating additional revenue streams, such as automatically managing road contraventions.

UK Home Office National CCTV Strategy Recommendations and Key Viseum UK Supported Recommendations:


uk cctv strategy

There is also a conflict between the proactive and post-incident investigation use of CCTV. Town centre operators use the cameras proactively to search for suspicious behaviour, certain types of activity, or in response to intelligence or ongoing incidents communicated to them by police or other parties. This real-time proactive use of the cameras is at the heart of the UK CCTV operator’s role. Unfortunately, this often frustrates investigators reviewing UK CCTV. If the operator did not capture an incident intentionally, or the nearby cameras with distant shots are unable to provide secondary evidence/intelligence, then this potentially publicly undermines the entire security system.

UK CCTV Strategy

CCTV cameras are increasingly being used for potentially conflicting roles, which results in them becoming less effective for crime and disorder purposes. Until a viable technical solution is found, consideration should be given to supplementing existing Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ) cameras with fixed cameras capable of continually providing good quality images for post-investigation use, and if and when they are justified, dedicated cameras installed for non-crime detection use, thus allowing the original PTZ Cameras to be used for their original proactive surveillance use.



Recommendation Summary; Establish technical requirements that will allow CCTV cameras to be used for multiple purposes.

The current installed camera base of Pan, Tilt and Zoom camera technology cannot be used by a variety of users for different purposes simultaneously. Therefore, there is a need to establish the technical requirements and possible technological advancements that would allow multiple purpose use whilst maintaining fitness for purpose but also reducing the cost.

How Viseum 360-Degree Cameras Support this UK CCTV Strategy Recommendation:

Live Events

  1. The fixed wide-view cameras of the multiple camera unit provide the ability to automatically look for certain actions in selected areas, and provide the CCTV operator with the ability to look for other activity in other areas.
  2. The operator could use either wide-view or PTZ Camera to look for event(s) reported to be taking place. Once the operator is following the event with the PTZ, they can also watch the wide-view images to see what else they may be missing in the whole area.

Incident Investigation

  1. A bogus incident may be reported and although the PTZ Camera may have been used at that time for something else (and therefore “appearing” to not capture evidence in the vicinity of this event), the fixed wide-view cameras can still be used to provide contextual evidence, proving if the incident may or may not have occurred.
  2. Evidence from the fixed wide-view cameras can be used to provide contextual information of an incident of what was happening in the whole area at the time of the event as well as before and after it, e.g. of how many witnesses there may have been or where the suspect(s) came from and left to.
  3. The auto-tracking PTZ Camera software driver of the 360-degree camera system holds all the coordinates of where the PTZ has pointed and where activity has occurred. A “Smart Search” capability can be used to significantly reduce post video interrogation time to locate evidence only in specific areas where close-up and or wide-view contextual evidence is required.

Cost Reduction

  1. The automation of the 360-degree camera system can provide cost-effective surveillance for certain environments and applications. E.g. certain environments can benefit from automated surveillance in standalone mode, reducing or eliminating staffing and communications costs.
  2. The fixed and PTZ Cameras are deployed as a single unit which means that installation costs, cabling, power and networking infrastructure are minimised. Maintenance costs are reduced due to ease of access to a single site.

Recommendation Summary; Create an effective funding stream for public space UK CCTV.

Income generation by the system itself; use of CCTV in a variety of ways from traffic, bus lane, and bylaw enforcement to alarm monitoring, lone worker monitoring and electronic patrolling of retail and business parks, where the system is self-funding. The concern here is that cameras and/or the CCTV operators will be increasingly used for these purposes, detracting from the use of cameras for crime prevention and law enforcement. This last point is an increasing worry from a police perspective.

How Viseum 360-Degree Cameras Support this UK CCTV Strategy Recommendation:

  1. The 360-degree camera system’s automated discipline can support certain revenue-generating activities. This can free up the operator in order to focus on crime prevention and law enforcement as originally intended e.g. with bus lane enforcement, the car can be immediately detected and the PTZ automatically moved to follow it without any distraction. Used in conjunction with ANPR this revenue-generating activity can be optimized and completely automated.
  2. At any time the CCTV operator or the Viseum IMC camera’s automation can override the revenue-generating activities to use the PTZ Camera for crime prevention and law enforcement, or vice versa depending on the Authority’s policy.
  3. The 360-degree camera automation can be prioritized for crime prevention and law enforcement and focus on revenue generating activities as a secondary, or vice versa depending on the Authority’s policy.
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Internationally Patented Industry Step-Change

Viseum IMCs are not just the most advanced PTZ Cameras with the latest zoom and camera sensors, but are also the security industry’s step-change advance in how fixed contextual view cameras and PTZ camera technology improve automated and manned CCTV Security and Surveillance Techniques. It is the 360-degree camera technology meeting the UK CCTV Strategy Recommendations by delivering: wide-area long-range coverage, multiple camera views of each incident, active deterrence, automated detection and following of incidents, provision of high-quality evidence and multi-agency compatibility.

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