After seeing Viseum IMC Cameras monitoring access to a perimeter as well as within the perimeters compound, a City Governor said he will save lives by detecting insurgents approaching and infiltrating his City without risking the lives of his guards.

Intelligent CCTV Demonstration Equipment

World’s Best CCTV Security and Surveillance Camera

Viseum Panoramic Security Camera – Intelligent Moving Camera (Viseum IMC)

The only CCTV camera to automatically detect multiple incidents from close to long range in all directions at the same time. It operates completely automatically controlling a moving camera to follow the required action and confirm incidents. With high-quality close-up video evidence of even before the alarm is raised, it automatically reports incidents for rapid response and investigations.

Viseum has optimised its sales for the growing market demand for its Product Solutions, by introducing its unique Phased Technology Introduction Programme. The first phase of this innovation optimises sales growth with minimal time and investments for its supply and use.


The visual appearance of the Viseum IMC camera constantly protecting all surroundings, displays to would-be criminals that the entire site is constantly watched by many surveillance experts. 



CCTV Demo Surveillance Camera Equipment


Virtual Gigapixel 360° CCTV Camera

Gigapixel Analytics 360° CCTV HD Camera

Proven to help organisations capture and process more incidents, with less security staff and fewer camera installations, Viseum’s patented Intelligent Moving Camera use fixed contextual view cameras co-located with PTZ Cameras, known as a Virtual Gigapixel Camera.


  • The Viseum IMC Camera Array of Viseum Fixed Contextual View Cameras and the Viseum AiPTZ Camera use our automatic and manual Day/Night switching HD Camera Sensors.
  • This provides extended dual evidence of each incident and with valuable information of who else witnessed it, where the suspects came and left, and how to mitigate further incidents.
  • This camera hardware alone is proven to save organisations many millions in costs of crime and crime fighting overheads.


Video Surveillance Software Technology Services


Viseum iVOS Software automatically monitors each of the Viseum IMC’s Fixed Contextual View Cameras. The situational awareness information from this CCTV monitoring then automatically moves the PTZ Camera to zoom into and follow the salient action. The PTZ Camera then automatically monitors this action to take a closer look. This software is proven to save organisations many more millions in costs of crime and crime fighting overheads.

Viseum IMC Camera iVOS Video Analytics Software Technology Services

Viseum’s Video Analytics Software processed local to the camera installation operating with its most commonly used iVOS video analytics Software Technology Services:


  • General ‘Scouting’ Surveillance – Operates using an object saliency points scoring system to include intelligent PTZ Camera switching process for multiple simultaneous incidents. For high and low traffic environments (people or vehicles).
  • Viseum iVOS F3 Person Confirmation for many applications from Crowd Surveillance to intruder alarms Perimeter Surveillance, trespassing, etc. – Using fixed camera(s) to automatically detect a person and automatically control the PTZ Camera to automatically zoom into and follow it. The PTZ Camera will then automatically confirm if the object is a person.  If it is not a person the system will ignore it. If it is confirmed as a person the system will:
    • Send an alarm if required to the Viseum CiVMS, other third-party VMS and/or to person(s) via SMS text and email, and
    • Will continue to automatically follow the object with the PTZ Camera.
  • Local Knowledge Crime Hotspot Management – Location and time of locations for priority surveillance day/night.
  • Surveillance Profile Scheduling – For different surveillance tasks over 24 hours and a 7 day period.


Viseum CiVMS iVOS Video Analytics Software Technology Services

Viseum’s Video Management System (VMS) operating with its centrally processed Video Analytics Software using our most commonly used iVOS surveillance software analytics feature rules:


  • Crowd Detection and Behavioural Reporting.
  • People or Vehicle Loitering.
  • People and Vehicle Counting.
  • Unattended Object – Abandoned/Left object detection.
  • Illegal Parking Contraventions.
  • Object Stopped Detection.
  • Queue Length Detection.
  • Intrusion Detection.
  • Wrong Direction Movement Detection.
  • Line/Boundary Crossing – Single or multiple virtual tripwire or virtual fence.
  • Asset Protection – Removed object detection.
  • Camera Tamper/Scene Change Detection.
  • Camera Vibration Removal.
  • Digital Auto Tracking – Using any Fixed, PTZ or Fisheye CCTV Camera.
  • Object Trace/Travel Path.
  • Object Speed Reporting.

These Video Analytics Software Technology Services can automatically monitor each Viseum Contextual View Camera, one surveillance rule at a time, or together with multiple Video Analytics Software surveillance rules.  This delivers many different levels of security and types surveillance applications.


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