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Safe City CCTV Savings

Safe City CCTV Saving Billions… Our CCTV Case Studies show how such disruptive technologies makes significant savings whilst strengthening security. “This security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.” London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime Savings from Operational CCTV Crime Fighting Overheads Security organisations around the world spend millions each year, trying to collect suitable images, searching ... Read More »

Failures of Legacy CCTV

HOW DOES CCTV MAKE US UNSAFE? A Major Step Change from “Town Centre CCTV” to Safe City Surveillance and Public Safety. “This great success is very important to the entire world’s towns and cities”. London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime Ever since local authorities implemented Town Centre CCTV Schemes some 20 years ago, criminals have learned how easy it is to counter ... Read More »

Safe City Smart City

A Disruptive CCTV Technology Changing Governments’ Public Safety… Today, for the first time in history, there are more people living in cities than in rural areas, making many more of us possible targets for terrorism. Now and because of this a ‘new’ multi-billion dollar market, called ‘Safe Cities’, is set to grow to its first $1 billion by 2016. However, this ... Read More »

Terrorism Countered by Disruptive Technology

Viseum UK’s CCTV Technology Helps Change War on Terror… Today, the biggest problem that we all face is the risk of terrorism. Places where people gather are now considered likely targets for mass killings, yet have always been the most technically problematic areas to deliver security. When terrorists and other criminals prepare to commit their atrocities they usually look around ... Read More »

International Safe Cities

Safe Cities Initiative Reveals How Unsafe We Are… A security industry shake-up with atrocities that could have been avoided Viseum UK leads a report, strongly reflecting today’s security climate, and issued only a short time after the company’s announcement of its lead in the International Safe Cities Initiative. This report shows that the world must now prepare for security risks that most of ... Read More »

Riot Police Tactics

Riot Police Tactics CCTV Stops Rioting.. Riot Police Tactics developed with and for Royal Malaysia Police A very proud moment for the Viseum UK Group, where Group President Stuart Thompson and Viseum Malaysia meets with Dato’ Abdul Hamid Mohd Ali who is the Deputy Chief Commissioner of Kuala Lumpur Police and Commander of Royal Malaysia Police Federal Reserve Unit (FRU), Dato’ Abdul Hamid ... Read More »

High Demand for Viseum at IFSEC Saudi Arabia

G4S Saudi Arabia “Viseum is a product that we talk about daily to our customers“. This is a recent quote from almajalG4S Chief Commercial Officer, following excellent success with Viseum Panoramic Security Cameras and Viseum representatives supporting the G4S exhibition stand for IFSEC 2014 in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. This is the Viseum Brand on Display in Saudi Arabia’s Largest Security ... Read More »

Community CCTV

Community SafetyWatch® Displays Major Deterrent with London’s Met Police “This security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.” London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime Viseum UK’s Safe City Community SafetyWatch® CCTV schemes are gathering pace throughout the world. This is an example installed in by London’s Metropolitan Police. Within just a few days of this CCTV ... Read More »

Olympics CCTV monitoring

Viseum UK’s patented CCTV surveillance technology raises the bar in global competition The well-known TV show, ‘Big Brother’, has helped foster the general public’s view that CCTV is extremely intrusive, because each and every camera on the programme is actually being constantly monitored by a dedicated surveillance specialist. Real life is somewhat different, because the straight fact is that there ... Read More »

Intelligent CCTV IP Surveillance

Viseum UK Celebrates Another Contract Win The Isle of Man Government (ioM), has turned to Viseum’s redeployable CCTV security cameras to help protect an important conservation and urban regeneration areas, and the island’s capital and political centre. IoM joins a growing number of governments, police forces and other law enforcement agencies turning to Viseum UK because of its innovative and effective approach ... Read More »

Olympics CCTV Security Challenges

Breakthrough CCTV Surveillance Technology Eases the Strain on Police and Public Safety Viseum UK’s intelligent CCTV surveillance system can be implemented by police and law enforcement agencies to address the serious security challenges of public events like the London 2012 Olympic Games and the Jubilee Celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II. Whilst Viseum helped the London 2012 Games to provide a ... Read More »

CCTV Camera in UK Help Rebuild Global Economies

Viseum UK’s CCTV Camera Save UK £1 million+  Per Week When criminals study remote sites being protected with cheap CCTV security systems, they naturally see low risk/high return opportunities of theft. Criminals with intent not only know traditional CCTV security systems have to be pointing at them to see and record them, and require a high number of CCTV surveillance cameras ... Read More »

CCTV News – World’s Best Surveillance Without CCTV “Snooping”

CCTV News : Manned Security Solutions Face a Revolution  – Viseum UK Deliver a “Guardian Angel” Technology to Stop the Chaos of Another Navy Yard or Boston Bombing The world continues to debate Edward Snowden’s revelations. However, Viseum UK of London, England has developed a hi-tech network of autonomous surveillance cameras to spot crime, whilst keeping prying human eyes unsighted ... Read More »

Viseum’s Automated Surveillance Technology

Viseum UK’s Automated Surveillance That Respects Your Privacy New computerised CCTV surveillance cameras detect & confirm threats from one meter to one mile The Viseum UK Group Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Company has developed a video surveillance technology, which can keep us all safe from crime and violence whilst protecting our Right to Privacy.  Stuart Thompson was a recognized innovator with British Telecom, where he ... Read More »

Continuous Unblinking Surveillance

A Ubiquitous CCTV Securty and Survaillance Solution to an Ever-present Threat The modern civil and homeland security practitioner faces the same challenges that General Rupert Smith explained in his seminal work ” The Utility of Force” – citing a “war among the people” as being the new norm in modern military operations. Today’s “security war among the people” takes place within ... Read More »

Viseum Customer Business Case

Over halving the running costs of security enterprise by more than doubling the turn over for security integrators Business Case Viseum UK’s intelligent CCTV surveillance solutions not only attract high end projects, where anything other than the best available surveillance equipment may compromise client security, but clients also purchase Viseum equipment as the most cost-effective security cameras to protect all ... Read More »