The Head of Overt CCTV Surveillance for this Police Force also said "Viseum's technical capability is unquestionable, but we will always remember Viseum above anyone else for their main strength of listening to us to develop their innovation."

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Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Technology

The CCTV Surveillance Technology Brand The Viseum brand is recognised for its patented configuration of fixed and moving cameras co-located on the same common structure. People who see an image of a Viseum camera configuration naturally think of Viseum being the internationally patent protected CCTV brand. We operate a formal Branding Policy which is an integral part of the Viseum business.   ... Read More »

Security RFP – Public Safety and Infrastructure Security

Security RFP gives Terrorists and other Criminals Bad New Year… The Viseum UK Group has extended its educational sales process to help nations produce their Security RFP (Request For Proposal) documentation. This is in support of demand from global security risks, and also helps reduce the need for our Safe City Training in London. From pilot installation through to a 5 ... Read More »

Viseum Nigeria

Viseum UK Group Welcomes Viseum Nigeria Viseum Intelligent Panoramic Security Cameras were proudly used by Government executives for Nigeria’s last general election. This CCTV security and surveillance camera was used to protect this election’s polling stations and campaign roadshows, and automatically prevent any fraudulent voting. Now, part of the Viseum UK Group – Our security project expertise is formally operating as ... Read More »

Anti-Terror CCTV Camera

> Download this video < Viseum Intelligent Moving Camera (IMC) TV News Report Australia’s most popular TV channel aired this as breaking news immediately following the 2014 Sydney hostage crisis, commonly known as the Sydney siege terrorist attack on 15–16 December 2014. The Viseum Intelligent Moving Camera is always a natural choice to create the long-term deterrent for towns and ... Read More »

UK CCTV Endorsements

Community SafetyWatch® Endorsements “Potentially the largest Safe City CCTV network in the world.” To support this new Safe City security service for the UK, Viseum has forged key relationships with many of its local authorities, and has trained a large number of security companies including some of the biggest names in the UK security and telecommunications industries. One of the world’s ... Read More »

Smart Cities Initiative

What comes first – the Smart City or Safe City? ‘Safe Cities’ and ‘Smart Cities’ are increasingly common buzz phrases doing the global rounds with the large multi-national technology companies and mobile app designers. The Smart Cities principle is that well-designed and integrated technology should be used to help us live better, more economical, better managed, cleaner, safer lives in ... Read More »

Olympics CCTV Security Challenges

Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Technology Olympics Security and Public Safety CCTV      World’s Best CCTV Security and Surveillance Camera   The visual appearance of the Viseum IMC Panoramic Security Camera operating automatically protecting all surroundings, displays to criminals that the entire site is constantly watched by many surveillance experts.      Viseum UK’s Intelligent CCTV surveillance system is implemented by police ... Read More »

Better security thanks to the UK Government’s ‘Big Society’ initiative

CCTV Managers of Wide-Area Surveillance Camera Installations Communities are now central to the success of both CCTV security enterprise schemes and CCTV Managers Viseum UK is reporting a major shift in the way UK CCTV and security CCTV Monitoring Centre Managers operate in partnership with local communities. Thanks to the growing availability of intelligent CCTV wide-area surveillance camera installations it’s now ... Read More »

Safe City Reference Material

 Safe City Press Release Viseum UK’s lead with the international Safe City initiative has proven so successful that many publicists have interviewed Viseum UK Safe Cities Team and published these findings. Please contact Viseum UK’s Press Office for more details on our Safe Cities. Reference Information URLs: > Viseum UK Safe Cities presentation < – this is an audio narrated 300MB Windows PowerPoint ... Read More »