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CCTV Concept

CCTV Concept – Safe City Initiatives

Viseum CCTV Concept for Safe Cities

First 5 Years’ Programme – Next Steps Safe City Design and Pilot Installation Stages

For the best next step of delivering security success, we will first need to understand what your CCTV Concept and likely timescales are for your Safe City security project. The more notice that we have will help us arrange for suitable members from our own safe city concept, counter-terrorism, government security advisors and national security strategy teams to support you. They will also be able to take you through the processes needed to start or strengthen and grow your CCTV security assets.

Safe City Concept - CCTV design

CCTV Design System Architecture

Viseum UK is managing an increasing number of Safe City projects throughout the world, typically as the most critical element of Smart City initiatives. The Safe City delivery processes have been fully optimized to run in parallel with the design of your city’s security, the delivery of your initial order, and your security infrastructures, initial training, and integration. Usually, the first installations will deliver security for your city’s highest risk areas (for example, pedestrian crime and/or traffic Public Safety hotspots). This will help you discover the capabilities, benefits and operational processes of Viseum solutions. This initial training and pilot installation process can also be completed in synchronisation with your agreed citywide deployment schedule. These steps are then necessary to prioritise and manage each Safe City security project.

CCTV Concept Study

Safe City Concept

Full Safe City Concept Paper

Top-level Safe City concept meetings and analysis are vital to allow us to fully understand the following:


  • Your needs and concerns: e.g. terrorism, traffic management and criminal behaviour.
  • Geo-political aspects, societal and economic issues, climate.
  • Intelligence databases, the threat, and potential incident spectrum, most likely/most dangerous incidents.
  • Existing security measures and command and control resources.
  • Critical assets and infrastructure (site/city inputs and outputs).
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CCTV Concept Documents:

  1. Safe City – Report on High Risks.
  2. Safe City Pilot/POC.
  3. Viseum Technology and Support Strengths.
  4. Viseum Site Survey.
  5. Safe City – Phased Technology Introduction Programme.
  6. Benefits of Safe City – Training Course Number 1.
  7. Benefits of Safe City – Training Course Number 2.
  8. Safe City Delivery Process Presentation.
  9. Safe City Operational CCTV Training.
  10. Command Control Operations.