David Evennett, London Member of Parliament and Lord Commissioner of Her Majesty’s Treasury, said “I met with Viseum and was impressed with their intelligent CCTV innovations."

UK CCTV Partners

“This community initiative keeps privacy intact and makes us all safer.”

UK CCTV – Made in England

The visual appearance of this CCTV camera from England operating automatically protecting all surroundings, displays to would-be criminals that the entire site is constantly watched by many surveillance experts.


Some of Viseum UK’s latest Community SafetyWatch® Partners:


Safe City London

High End Security Cameras - Virtual Gigapixel 360° CCTV Camera

UK CCTV Camera Made in England

Soon after London Borough of Richmond’s first pilot installations, they captured incidents that would usually be missed by any other manned or unmanned CCTV camera. This council was astonished when they played back their video to watch the incidents unfold with quality evidence to convict.

East Midlands

Viseum has also partnered with Nottingham City Council to improve the operational processes of the Viseum cameras in their CCTV control room, so that their CCTV operators can respond to incidents in the most effective way. This is Nottingham City Council’s Community SafetyWatch® business model.

North West England

Viseum has partnered with Salford City Council to digitally integrate its cameras with the council’s command control and communications, in order to permit their CCTV operators to use the locally stored Viseum camera recordings, and help clear up crime more effectively. Danny Hoy, Facilities Manager for Salford City Council, said: “Viseum’s Panoramic Camera functions make it ideal for covering large-scale events. Traditional cameras can only look at a fraction of a space at any one time.”

Safe City Isle of Man

Viseum has partnered with the Isle of Man Government to introduce new Regeneration Schemes for Public Safety areas. One Borough Engineer and Surveyor, also a lead member of its Community Safety Partnership Programme, said: “The Redeployable Viseum IMC uses proven CCTV Technology and enables fewer cameras to be deployed, offering better coverage and more effective crime detection and prevention – at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.”


Privacy – This government’s first installations of the Viseum cameras were met with extreme resistance from the further surrounding communities. These communities used the argument that their privacy rights were breached, but this was soon quashed once they understood it was automated and nobody was actually watching them.


Intelligent CCTV Panoramic Security Camera


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