The London Mayor’s Office & Metropolitan Police installing Viseum Community SafetyWatch® pilots throughout London.

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Safer Communities Security Phenomenon…

A self-funded and organically grown security service that helps its investors make even more money. This is truly innovative.”  UK Trade and Investment offering Viseum the largest financial Smart Award

This CCTV service is called Viseum Community SafetyWatch®. It is already so successful that it is on its way to every country on every continent and is naturally evolving into the world’s largest CCTV network. It is increasing subscriptions because it operates so effectively, by moving crime to neighbouring communities that do not yet have the service. It is self-funded and organically grown because all businesses want to either associate themselves with it or be part of delivering it.

This security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.” London Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime

The Metropolitan Police are installing more Viseum Community SafetyWatch® pilots for London Safer Neighbourhoods. We are calling for more law enforcement agencies, states, cities and towns, police forces and governments, to become part of this safer society initiative in their Public Safety areas. This is also to benefit from multiple revenues of the ongoing communities subscriptions and the Trusted Premium Brand Alliance that is associated with this service:

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The value of having sufficient video available during emergencies is priceless. The value of an organization’s entire security enterprise is openly seen throughout high profile incidents and investigations. This is why Viseum UK has introduced a universal software platform that can be tailored for use with any CCTV system.

This internationally patented innovation was driven from a national feasibility study of why criminals disregard CCTV and have led to Viseum dominating the new market Viseum Community SafetyWatch® that has bridged the very large gaps between, and solved the many intrinsic problems with, standalone CCTV security systems, manned surveillance services and manned guarding patrols.

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