The Head of CCTV Surveillance for this Police Force also said, "Viseum's technical capability is unquestionable, but we will always remember Viseum above anyone else for their main strength of listening to us to develop their innovation."

Low Light Security Camera

Best Low Light CCTV Camera

“Our Best Low Light Security and Surveillance Camera”

Best low light security and surveillance camera for short-range to long-range


The CCTV and surveillance industry’s low light standard deterrent and automated security and situational awareness


The Viseum 360 CCTV Camera has a patented multi-camera system to support environments that suffer from low light. This uses wide contextual view cameras and a moving PTZ Camera with auto-zoom. These low light cameras optimize the available low light.

Low Light Camera Industry Standard and Patent Regulated

Outdoor PTZ Camera

Gigapixel Analytics Low Light Security Camera

This low light camera is a multitasking camera with many video analytics systems operating together for several applications. Installed, maintained and supported as plug-and-play with modular hardware configuration, meeting any remote site’s security coverage and surveillance requirements. Solving the many problems with standalone CCTV security systems, manned surveillance services and manned guarding security patrols. It has been independently endorsed that to provide the same CCTV coverage as just 1 Viseum 360 Security Camera, it would take at least:


  • 6 constantly manned next best PTZ cameras, or,
  • 10 of the industry’s latest panoramic megapixel cameras, or,
  • 200 standard fixed camera installations.

This does not take into account the extreme costs of installation and monitoring. Viseum will deliver better results automatically costing significantly less capex and at least 6 x less opex each year.


CCTV Video Quality

Best Low Light Security Camera and Outdoor Surveillance Camera

Best Low Light Security Camera

This low light security camera uses Viseum’s Central Intelligent Video Management System (CiVMS) and can operate standalone, and over a low bandwidth mobile 4G connection.


Best Low Light CCTV Analytics Software

One of our main technology strengths is our advanced low light security cameras. These use low light Video Content Analytics (VCA) software, called Viseum Intelligent Virtual Operator Software (iVOS™). Viseum’s low light outdoor CCTV security algorithms continuously measure and adapt to varying ambient light. For effective low light security even when the human eye cannot see.

The Viseum’s Low Light Security Camera operates automatically protecting everywhere at the same time. This shows criminals that the entire site is constantly watched. These examples show how well activity is automatically detected in such low light conditions:

Example 1: Outdoor Surveillance Cameras – Low Light CCTV

Our superior low light cameras enhance wide-area AI surveillance. A popular model of our PTZ Camera has fixed contextual view cameras using low light camera sensors. This example shows a fixed contextual view camera and the matching close-up PTZ camera. These low light conditions were on a November night in standard sodium street lighting.

Low light security camera example 1 outdoor surveillance cameras PTZ example 1

Example 2: Outdoor Surveillance Cameras – Low Light CCTV

This example shows similar activity detection as the previous example, but in even lower light and at a greater distance, which is why the PTZ Camera switched to monochrome.

Low light security camera example 2PTZ example 2









Example 3: Outdoor Surveillance Cameras – Low Light CCTV

This identification evidence is from a field installation in London. The area on and around these public benches had been given priority by the Viseum outdoor surveillance camera system because the end-user needed to clamp down on illegal street drinking in the area. These low light images were good enough to identify illegally imported beer and were used to prosecute local shopkeepers. News of the success of this installation was broadcast in a TV interview.

Low light security camera example 3PTZ example 3








Outdoor Surveillance Cameras – Low Light CCTV Camera Technical Requirements

In addition to the light sensitivity of the camera’s sensor. The quality of low light outdoor surveillance realise on the optical performance of the PTZ Camera. The light required for the quality image depends on the levels of zoom. For installations with varied low light, we specify high-quality PTZ cameras with various optical zoom capabilities. For installations with zero light, we include suitable IR or white light illumination, or thermal cameras, for the site.

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Extreme Low Light Security Camera – Thermal Surveillance



For ultra low light or where there is no light, the Viseum IMC Camera performs better than any other camera.