“This security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.”

Intelligent Video Analytics

Face Recognition Software

Best Face Recognition Software… Viseum FaceRec Adaptive and Intuitive Face Recognition Software   “Viseum’s Face Recognition Software will be as essential for daily life, just as Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is today.” (Britain’s largest police force)   Reliably detect 4 times greater accuracy than any other Face Recognition Software. Automatically create and grow your database of faces and watch lists, from matching ... Read More »

Face Recognition Software Technology Services

Face Recognition Software for CCTV Facial Biometrics There are 4 main Viseum iVOS FaceRec face recognition software Product Solutions designed to help prevent crime and terror. Also used to investigate crime after an incident, iVOS face recognition software helps deliver the world’s best security services. The use of Viseum’s facial biometrics and analytics technology is also fully compliant with the use of image management and ... Read More »

Traffic Enforcement System

Viseum’s Traffic Enforcement System – More Traffic Penalties For Safer Roads Viseum iVOS Traffic Management software and Automatic Number Plate Recognition (iVOS ANPR) Viseum’s data manipulation expertise has again overcome the numerous Traffic Enforcement System compatibility issues associated with ANPR and Video Analytics Software. Also, specific ANPR cameras are usually a pre-requisite, however Viseum’s ingenuity now allows non ANPR-specific, analogue and digital cameras ... Read More »

Video Analytics Software

Intelligent Video Analytics Software… World’s Most Intelligent Video Analytics Software Video Surveillance Viseum UK has set the security industry’s gold standard for Intelligent Video Analytics Software. It is the result of the world’s largest image processing academic research network, to produce the world’s most Intelligent Video Analytics Software. Viseum’s Intelligent Virtual Operator Software Technology Services have attracted the industry’s leading video analytics software and digital image processing software developers, and our advanced surveillance ... Read More »

Video Management System (VMS)

Intelligent Video Management System…   Using the World’s most Intelligent Video Analytics Software, Viseum’s Central Intelligent Video Management System (Viseum CiVMS) is the most advanced and future-proofed Intelligent Video Management System available today.   The Viseum CiVMS noticeably displays the highest broadcast quality images compared to any other VMS. It is designed to optimise the range of Viseum Intelligent Moving Cameras, and enhance existing ... Read More »