“This security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.”

Face Recognition Technology

Viseum Face Recognition Technologies Changing Lives…  

Person Profiling

Viseum’s AI face recognition technology works by using Face Recognition Software analytics to study people’s facial features, expressions, and day-to-day microexpressions. AI then uses this information to potentially understand a person’s general character, personality traits and behaviours. This information is then correlated with growing libraries of known facial characteristics.


“During critical operations such as border crossings or criminal investigations, imagine the huge value of having face recognition technology helping authorities identify, just by looking at somebody, if they are lying or feeling guilty about something.” (UK CCTV Manager).


This face recognition technology is not commercially available yet but is set to at least change how many low-paid workers can improve their “people skills”. Local authorities will benefit, such as their social services, to help them notice the differences between people under their responsibility; from recognising good families and troubled families, to help identify sex offenders, paedophiles, drug users and even drug dealers. Police services will be able to identify thieves, dangerous people who could commit assault, people who are likely carrying a weapon, and even terrorists.



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Some simple examples of racist expressions. Perpetrators of this crime will have expressions of disregard, disliking, and anger towards their victims. They will often seek a higher standing or sitting position and/or tilt their head backwards to look down at their victims. Ageing algorithms will also be used for how such expressions will effect face formation such as wrinkles over time.

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