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Viseum  demonstrations – Seeing is Believing!

All these videos are of our completely automated Intelligent CCTV

Viseum iVOS F3 -  CCTV surveillance profiles can detect
pre-determined behaviour with normal
day-to-day activities excluded.

Video demonstration of automated intelligent PTZ camera switching

Effectively dealing with multiple attack and diversion tactics

Televised endorsement

Drug deal

Anti-Social behaviour

Being watched

London council immediate result

Initial TV demonstration

Thought to be manually controlled

Detection at sea

Radar person detection

Radar vehicle detection

Caught on camera – Viseum IMC video demonstrations

caught on camera

Caught on camera video clips make fascinating viewing. They present the seedier side of life and astonish us with the criminality and stupidity of some people. Viseum  auto-intelligent IMC systems provide astonishing quantities of high quality caught on camera moments.  This was why we were approached by a reality TV show seeking to use some of our the more brazen criminal and ASBO moments on the UK’s street. Here you can see genuine caught on camera demonstrations of the Viseum product range. In addition to these insights into ASBO and criminal activity caught on camera, you will have the chance to experience optional training to experience the Viseum Graphical User Interface (GUI), Viseum’s Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Camera Controller, and our video interrogation suite. This, including our unique multi-view playback of all Viseum cameras at the same time, can offer  the complete evidential trail of activity in the whole area. A caught on camera TV producer’s dream, but also an enormously effective deterrent upon criminal, ASBO, or parking offence activity in any area.

Don’t forget - all these caught on camera moments have been automatically detected, alerted to the authorities and tracked by a Viseum iVOS virtual operator. No human operator was involved beyond making the decision as to how to react. Viseum iVOS continues to detect and record caught on camera moments across London, the UK and the world. If you would like to see more, our representatives are also available by booking a live on-line demo or visiting one of Viseum’s technology events to show how Viseum IMCs work and what they do consistently, day in, day out, and completely automatically 24/7/365.

Basic concept Viseum CCTV surveillance demo

This surveillance caught on camera demo shows how Viseum technology can detect a certain incident (vehicle parking illegally), and react to an associated activity following it (person leaving the vehicle). This multi-view playback shows the Viseum IMC system operating completely automatically.

> download this surveillance demo <

> download presentation of our software capabilities <

Surveillance demo of Viseum Central Intelligent
Video Management System (CiVMS)

Download this caught on camera surveillance demo

Identify and re-identify pedestrians caught on camera completely automatically

Download this surveillance demo

> download presentation of our software capabilities <

Viseum IMC camera user interface – live and post incident CCTV surveillance demo

Live demonstration using the Viseum IMC CCTV camera and Viseum’s user interface for remote  monitoring. This user interface operates directly on each Viseum IMC camera installation without the use of Viseum integrated security management system.

Live On-line surveillance demo

From the comfort of your own location anywhere in the world, and at a time that suits you, you can see many Viseum CCTV installations operating live out in the field. These video management demonstrations can take as little as 15-20 minutes, depending on the questions you wish to ask. Please allow at least 2 days notice to enable us to arrange permissions with our users.

Technology demo event booking

Please contact Viseum direct or ask your Viseum representative to see or even host one of our live field demonstrations in your area. You can see the Viseum IMC CCTV system operating live and you can talk with our end users and their security consultants.

UK events North of Milton Keynes

2 x Rapidly deployable CCTV trailers are available to visit your sites. Please book your place soonest due to 3 weeks demo waiting list.

UK events South of Milton Keynes

3 x Rapidly Deployable Trailers are available to visit your sites. Please book your place soonest due to 2 weeks demo waiting list.

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