“This security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.”

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Face Recognition CCTV – Social Media Investigations

Met Police CCTV Training Day – Face Recognition and Social Media Investigations London’s Met Police and other world leading law enforcement agencies came to see the vast coverage of Viseum’s Intelligent Moving Camera in operation with its automated Face Recognition and Social Media Investigations.   Completely Automated Camera Control, Video Analytics, and Social Media Investigations. This 2-minute video is recommended to play in full-screen on a ... Read More »

High-End Security Cameras

High-End Security Cameras High-Quality CCTV…           Viseum’s Intelligent Panoramic CCTV Camera is the world’s highest quality CCTV security and surveillance camera and was invented as the solution to the many problems with security. It uses high-quality fixed contextual view cameras and high-end PTZ Cameras together with Intelligent Video Analytics Software, to automatically monitor large complex and challenging environments. These high-end security cameras ... Read More »

CCTV Technology Introduction Programme

Viseum CCTV Technology Introduction Programme… The Viseum Brand is commonly known for introducing the world’s most advanced CCTV Technologies as trusted plug-and-play solutions. This programme optimises the many levels of complexity and advanced technical and management training, to ensure that our customers are not overwhelmed at the beginning with too many new technologies. It is the most practical and effective way of helping you deliver the strongest security success in the ... Read More »

Intelligent CCTV Demonstration Equipment

World’s Best CCTV Security and Surveillance Camera Viseum Panoramic Security Camera – Intelligent Moving Camera (Viseum IMC)   The only CCTV camera to automatically detect multiple incidents from close to long range in all directions at the same time. It operates completely automatically controlling a moving camera to follow the required action and confirm incidents. With high-quality close-up video evidence of even ... Read More »

Viseum Sales Network

Viseum Sales Network – CCTV Technology Introduction Programme. Viseum has optimized its sales for the growing market demand for its Product Solutions, by introducing its unique Phased Technology Introduction Programme. The first phase of this innovation uses Viseum’s LEVEL 1 demonstration equipment, with minimal time and investments for its supply and use. Our end user customers immediately realize security improvements with holistic ... Read More »

Intelligent CCTV Surveillance Technology

The CCTV Surveillance Technology Brand The Viseum brand is recognised for its patented configuration of fixed and moving cameras co-located on the same common structure. People who see an image of a Viseum camera configuration naturally think of Viseum being the internationally patent protected CCTV brand. We operate a formal Branding Policy which is an integral part of the Viseum business.   ... Read More »

Security RFP – Public Safety and Infrastructure Security

Security RFP – Mitigating Against Terrorists and other Criminals with Intent… The Viseum UK Group has extended its educational sales process to help nations produce their Security RFP (Request For Proposal) documentation. This is in support of demand from global security risks, and also helps reduce the need for our Safe City Training in London. From pilot installation through to a ... Read More »

CCTV Camera Saudi Arabia

Best CCTV Camera for Saudi Arabia… “Viseum is a product that we talk about daily to our customers.” (Saudi Arabia’s CCTV Camera Integrators) A quote following excellent success with Viseum Panoramic CCTV Cameras and Viseum representatives supporting CCTV Camera Saudi Arabia exhibitions. Saudi Arabia’s Security exhibitions are usually unexciting with simply nothing new to see and with each vendor showing off the same ... Read More »

Gigapixel CCTV or Intelligent Virtual Gigapixel CCTV?

Gigapixel CCTV – automated security & situational awareness for complex & challenging environments Criminals with intent will carefully choose their moment to evade the many different types of “high security” standalone and monitored gigapixel CCTV systems, they will break through access control systems, and outwit manned guarding patrols.   Viseum UK’s Virtual Gigapixel CCTV Camera know as the Intelligent Moving Camera (Viseum ... Read More »