The Head of Overt CCTV Surveillance for this Police Force also said "Viseum's technical capability is unquestionable, but we will always remember Viseum above anyone else for their main strength of listening to us to develop their innovation."

Viseum Sales Training

“With the heightened global demand for our security and surveillance Product Solutions, it is crucial to focus our sales on customers who need Viseum the most” and “Viseum does not quote under any conditions where we are not confident of the sale.” (Viseum Group President)

Viseum is optimising its market lead by selling its Security and Surveillance Product Solutions as Disruptive Technology, to displace established products and to create new markets, by solving the many problems with manned and unmanned security and surveillance systems.

The Viseum sale is initially NOT about the groundbreaking technology. The Viseum sale is always first about the major unique benefits of solving each individual customer’s specific problems with security, that no other organisation can deliver as standard. Once the customer has understood Viseum’s approach to Best-of-Breed solutions, secondly is the sale of how it does it, with Viseum’s technical capabilities, operational improvements and long-term operational savings. Examples –


  • How a community living and working in fear of racial attack and drug abuse after several years of crime reduction initiatives, can now have their businesses and lifestyles regenerated.
  • How a perimeter is constantly breached in many different ways over many years, until Viseum cameras are used to eliminate the weakest areas of perimeter security.

 At the start of supporting a customer, it is crucial to establish the value of working with Viseum:


Example – Viseum does not operate with anyone who initially worries about budget BEFORE their security. However, once we have made this absolutely clear at the start of any business relationship, we also present a compelling business case with significant operational savings whereby Viseum solutions pay for themselves within the first year of procurement.

The Viseum Sales Process – The Viseum sale is a purely educational process to be implemented at the design stage of security projects. During this process of presenting such operational cost savings and security enhancements, with underselling being more appropriate than overselling, Viseum naturally becomes the security consultants for the customer.


> Download Viseum’s Phased Technology Introduction <


For any type of threat or disaster, video of before, during and after an incident is critical for the fastest and most appropriate security response. Enough high-quality evidence to investigate and convict is also essential. During these occasions each and every pixel of video information and evidence is priceless and the value of a client’s security infrastructure is openly seen. Together with Viseum’s unparalleled value as a deterrent, this is one of the technology strengths that only Viseum delivers as standard.

There are many professional individuals and organisations throughout the world who wish to use, resell, and/or associate themselves with Viseum security solutions. The Viseum UK Group is sharing this business growth with its Certified Corporate Partners, and the process for selecting such professionals is from the performance of the first identified project(s). As we offer unparalleled security solutions we have developed unique processes to optimize the time and resources needed to generate and close Viseum sales. In order for you to enjoy sharing business with us as a Viseum Certified Corporate Partner, it is essential to read, fully understand and follow our documented sales processes:


  • Viseum Technology and Support Strengths – This brochure presentation presents our technical capabilities and support services. This is very successful for Viseum sales training and provides our customers with confidence in our project support and delivery. It is interactive with each point linked to the relevant page of our website or whitepaper.
  • Viseum Customer Business Case – Viseum Technology is widely recognised and carefully marketed as Disruptive Technology. This is the most important document to understand in order to generate and win Viseum sales. This also presents our Unique Financial Selling Points which help our customers secure their budgets for ongoing purchase.


  • Sales Lead Generation – Dollar-for-dollar this is the most effective method available to win Viseum projects in your region. Viseum employs the most effective Social Media Campaigns with Search Engine Optimisation Techniques, for customers who are looking for the best available security solutions to qualify themselves before engagement.


  • Sales Qualification Processes – This filters leads and prospects to identify and prioritise your live projects. All these processes must be fully understood and followed to enjoy business with Viseum.
  • Viseum Value Philosophy – This is always presented to anyone who is looking for security equipment where budget is the main deciding factor.




  • Sales Demonstration Process – This process helps the client understand the capabilities of our security solutions and how we are trusted to deliver reliable solutions to a wide variety of security issues. Security projects and budgetary timescales are also openly shared by the client during this process.



  • Sales Asset Downloads – This downloads page holds all of Viseum’s sales collateral to help generate and close your first Viseum sales. This page is regularly updated with new sales collateral, and all brochures, datasheets, presentations (many audio narrated) and whitepapers are regularly modified with better sales messages taken from our most recent customer feedback.


  • Viseum Intelligent CCTV Solutions Proposal Template – This must always be used whenever giving a project quote (budget or final), rather than initially giving out the Viseum price list. This template must be customized specifically to each client’s specific security requirements whenever giving a project quote (budget or final) or price list. It is interactive with many reference URL links to presentations, demonstration videos, datasheets, whitepapers and additional information to demonstrate the spectrum of Viseum capabilities.


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