Stuart Thompson Viseum UK Group President said, “With the heightened global demand for our Security Product Solutions surveillance Software Technology Services, it is crucial to focus our key partners.”

Certified Corporate Partners

Viseum Certified Corporate Partners

With the heightened global demand for our security and surveillance solutions it is crucial to focus our sales on our customers who need Viseum the most” (Viseum UK Group President).

Control and Protection of Your Viseum Sales

Viseum Disruptive Technology solutions are internationally patented and therefore have no direct competition. This means that when bidding for security projects our technology advantage wins high end security projects when compared to any other offering. Nobody likes to lose sales especially the larger projects taking several years of prospecting. For complete protection and control over all Viseum sales, Viseum Certified Corporate Partners work on their identified projects and prospects exclusively with Viseum. This not only increases your project wins but also eliminates any loss from competing bidders using alternative suppliers.

Viseum Project Wins

Once customers handle Viseum technology and see demonstrations of it operating live, they are rapidly convinced that it delivers the best situational awareness in the world, and that using any competing technology may therefore compromise their security. Each year, Viseum generates in excess of $200m of international business opportunities for its patented intelligent video security & surveillance solutions. We are on target to at least triple this figure over the next 3 years, and to exploit this high demand we are selecting strategically located, successful specialist security businesses, to optimize our sales and delivery processes. For this we are pleased to introduce Viseum’s Certified Corporate Partner Programme in a number of non-competing regions and industry sectors. This initiative is designed to engage and enable selected partners, who have the capability and investment appetite to enjoy the rewards of business development and prospecting, and the technical infrastructure to promote and support Viseum’s Product Solutions and services.

For this we will need to understand your sales and support infrastructure and if you can or want to cover your entire region and all of its industry sectors. This is because there is a lot more planning/training/cost involved than if you just want to focus on 1 part of your region and 1 of its industries.

Having been equipped and trained within a month of enrolment Viseum Certified Corporate Partners are proven to deliver their customers compelling live demonstrations. We frequently find that within the first quarter of exploiting a Viseum starter-pack, the Viseum Certified Corporate Partner can generate its first large-scale Viseum security projects (e.g. City-wide surveillance).  Our main objective is to ensure that you remain the most effective technical assistance for your customer to secure their enterprise from terrorism and other criminal danger. Commitment to this Programme is the fastest and most effective means for a partner to generate rapid business growth and a return on their professional association with Viseum.

Partner Selection and Exclusivity

Viseum is approached by potential partners who invest in targeting Viseum at their strong industry sector(s) in their country, to take their lead in Viseum’s protected markets. Then depending on results this gives Viseum confidence in that country being ready for the Viseum business. Viseum will then also focus on proactive sales and marketing in that country and industry sector to support Certified Partners as described in this Programme.

With the levels of mutual trust required for sharing our business growth, this is the terms under which we engage with our network of Viseum Certified Corporate Partners throughout the world. A Viseum Certified Corporate Partner will be granted the use of Viseum’s international technology patent license to protect its markets. If an appropriate live security project has not identified, following due diligence clearance of the partner’s infrastructure they will be required to purchase an appropriate scaling of pre-sales Viseum Intelligent CCTV equipment. This is then used for product evaluation, familiarisation, and to help identify what main industries the particular partner should focus on and other suitable niche applications. This equipment can also be used for promotional activity to obtain initial customer sales for referral purposes. We recommend that our partners retain at least one Viseum system installed at their sales office/showroom – for customer demonstrations and continuation training of their sales force and engineering staff on this cutting edge technology.

During these initial support processes Viseum will develop a remote training package for you and during this training Viseum will develop the achievable sales plan for you.For example, all Viseum Certified Corporate Partners have a typical yearly performance-based Exclusivity Sales Plan.

1)     Within the first 2 weeks of certifying the partner, we can mutually develop a sales and marketing plan for their region and industry sector, with identified sales targets in the partner’s strongest industries.

2)     Viseum will protect all identified prospects and projects and give all incoming sales leads to the partner in their industry sector and region, for them to formulate an action plan to deliver these sales.

3)     Viseum will only participate with the partner for sales and marketing campaigns in agreed industry sectors and regions.

Sales Performance will be measured each quarter against sales targets. Once sales targets are met the partner’s target industries can be extended and the partner’s initial equipment investment can be recovered via rebate scheme. If sales targets are exceeded then the partner’s market region may also be extended. If the initial quarter’s sales targets are not met then the partner’s target industries may remain limited, to ensure focus is driven to reach expected performance by the 2nd quarter.

Example – Although this is not a target – if you remain persistent in contacting Viseum Pre-Sales Support to help you identify and win your first Viseum project(s), from this a typical turnover can be at least $1million in your first year and this is excluding your ongoing maintenance contracts. A recent example is a small sized project bidder followed Viseum’s Sales Processes and Phased Technology Introduction Programme. They then formally rejected a tender because of its inferior design, and this resulted in generating just over $1million worth of Viseum business and within just the first 3 months.

Evaluation, Training and Live Demonstrations Service

Once Viseum equipment is delivered to a partner’s site, Viseum’s technical support team will access the Viseum cameras remotely, to support the partner’s engineers on how best to install the Viseum IMC system. On completion of this and once Viseum has understood the partner’s remote site surveillance requirements, Viseum will commission the system and schedule its surveillance profiles for demonstration.

This Programme includes basic sales training for the capability of acquiring your first Viseum customers. We also provide follow up training to drive high volume sales. This includes proven techniques for lead generation, industry campaigns, and best practice end-to-end sales processes.

Optional Formal Partner Training Modules

Included with all major project deliveries (600+ cameras).

This training programme is for the Viseum IMC camera models, using the Viseum iVOS analytics software operating locally to the camera installation. This course takes 5 working days with each level taking 1 day to complete.

Viseum IMC & iVOS Level 1:                 End User Operational Training

Viseum IMC & iVOS Level 2:                 System Administrator

Viseum IMC & iVOS Level 3:                 Remote Site Installation and Maintenance

Viseum IMC & iVOS Level 4:                 Commissioning Expert

Viseum IMC & iVOS Level 5:                 Viseum Certified Corporate Distributor

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This training programme is for the Viseum Central Intelligent Video Management System (Viseum CiVMS) using Viseum cameras and all other non Viseum branded cameras, with the Viseum iVOS analytics software operating remotely at the central control. This course takes 5 working days with each level taking 1 day to complete.

Viseum CiVMS & iVOS Level 1:                        End User Operational Training

Viseum CiVMS & iVOS Level 2:                        System Administrator

Viseum CiVMS & iVOS Level 3:                        Installation and Maintenance

Viseum CiVMS & iVOS Level 4:                        Commissioning Expert

Viseum CiVMS & iVOS Level 5:                        Viseum Certified Corporate Distributor

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The large number of surveillance security applications of Viseum’s iVOS F3 functionality operating with iVOS FaceRec and/or iVOS ANPR, make it impracticable to provide a full training package for each. These training packages are therefore custom-made for each specific end user’s security project requirements, and technical support manuals are tailored to suit each partner’s technical knowledge and desired capabilities.

Viseum CiVMS iVOS F3

Viseum CiVMS iVOS FaceRec


Regional Sales

Examples of the type of results expected per region within just one month of Viseum partner training:

A Viseum Certified Corporate Distributor was given local training.They tailored Viseum’s generic narrated presentation to generate 2 city-wide surveillance projects worth a total of $61m.

A Viseum Certified Corporate Agent was given remote training.They used Viseum’s generic narrated presentation to generate a $54m city-wide surveillance project.

Each of these projects initially had many major brands also bidding for this business, e.g. one of the largest suppliers of business computers in the world based in the U.S. worth $57b and another U.S. company worth $50b who are the world’s largest computer networking company, were each turned down for this business because their technology offering could not compete with Viseum’s.

To obtain results such as this it is essential for selected partners to have invested in Viseum demonstration equipment. Buying cultures are always slightly different from region to region, but until now, favourite brand names and vendor relationships had often proved to be the more important differentiators, than a security solution’s actual performance and reliability. However, demonstrations of Viseum solutions show such technically superior distinction that using any competitive technology may compromise the client’s entire security enterprise.

Regional Support

When regional sales reach an appropriate level, Viseum will establish a local sales and technical support office. In regions new to Viseum, the selected Viseum Certified Corporate Partner may be empowered to take the lead – using regional expertise to identify and qualify opportunities for sales, marketing campaigns and exhibitions. Once leads have been generated, Viseum’s primary sales support will be focused on designing each client’s surveillance security solution and, where appropriate, having Viseum CCTV equipment written into CCTV security tenders for the region. These projects will be delivered through the Viseum Certified Corporate Partner, either as the prime contractor or as the local supplier. As the Viseum technology is internationally patented and therefore has only one source, on some occasions this bypasses the need for the client to process a public CCTV security tender.

Market Opportunities for the Viseum IMC

Viseum-Hudson-YardsOne example of Viseum’s new markets in America

Viseum is ensuring the security for America’s biggest real estate project …ever
This $20 Billion Hudson Yards project in Manhattan is now under construction.

Each year, security organizations around the world waste millions of dollars, and many thousands of man-hours attempting to pinpoint and retrieve just a few seconds of crucial, viable video evidence from days or even months of stored video footage. Frustratingly, all too frequently these efforts result, in nothing more than a lengthy report which apologizes for lack of CCTV evidence available, because the incident did not occur close up to the CCTV camera, or was missed completely because the camera was pointing in the wrong direction.

Viseum not only offers solutions to cameras pointing the wrong way, but also provides instant video management systems to index video evidence and find this information rapidly, and surveillance camera monitoring software to deliver close-up evidence of incidents when needed. Moreover, the Viseum IMC camera is a modular hardware configured multiple camera unit.

It is used to simplify the following deployment options:

  • Retrofits – to replace or upgrade existing permanent installations.
  • Redeployable – for temporary installations such as on street lighting columns.
  • Rapid deployments – using self-contained CCTV trailers for emergency situation awareness or temporary events.

It is designed for the following environments:

  • Large indoor or outdoor wide open spaces.
  • Large indoor or outdoor targeted areas.

It is designed for the following applications:

  • Large populated wide areas.
  • Unpopulated multiple or single attack intruder environments.

It operates as an unmanned standalone camera and can be integrated for operator override when used with:

  • 24/7 monitored central control rooms.
  • Part-time monitored central control rooms.
  • Manned response central control rooms.
  • Mobile observation posts.

Pre and Post-sales Support

As part of the exclusivity Programme, and to ensure Viseum Certified Corporate Partners receive our support services in the best way possible, Viseum will provide the following on-going support service:

Sales Support:

For complete sales support as detailed in the document it is essential for each partner to follow Viseum’s Branding Policy.

>> Download Viseum Branding Policy <<

  • Viseum passes all Viseum business to the partner in their industry(s) and region.
  • Viseum marketing signs off the design of co-production and branding materials with the Viseum Certified Corporate Partner for marketing graphics, literature copy and video production, targeting specific regions and industries.
  • Viseum’s support for client project or prospect meetings or for event exhibition support anywhere in the world, is considered subject to mutual investment/reward arrangements. For example, if the partner invests in this option then the opportunity is qualified for Viseum to also invest. Detail of the client’s project or the event must be given to Viseum in sufficient time to arrange this support.
  • Viseum consultant daily rate $1,800 per person per day will be waived.
  • Viseum partner pays exhibition costs and Viseum consultants expenses.

Product Support:

  • Analysis, advice and support from Viseum’s own government, police and military security & contingency planning experts.
  • Technical support on the types of Viseum product solutions that should be proposed to the Viseum partners end users. For example, relevant and suitable brands and models of IP and/or analogue cameras, or which versions of Viseum camera controller are appropriate.
  • Technical support for digital system integration. This includes introductions to the many Viseum Technology Partners who have already integrated their digital systems with Viseum software systems.
  • Viseum will help determine the level of stock of Viseum products/components required for partners sales pipeline and end user maintenance support.
  • Viseum will remain in touch with each partner to understand and support their associated sales pipeline, with Viseum based activity in their defined region(s) including projected sales and delivery requirements.

Downloads for our Certified Corporate Programme: