One of the largest CCTV distributors for America said “We see many futuristic crime fighting films on TV but Viseum has actually already done it.” A UK distributor said “This is the closest available Video Analysis Software to copy a surveillance operator.”

People Surveillance

Tag and Track – iVOS F3 Intelligent CCTV People Surveillancepeople surveillance face recognition

Early prototype software know as ‘Tag and Track’ – Viseum iVOS F3 also supersedes video smartsearch technologies.

The Viseum People Surveillance Software Technology Services gives users of the CCTV enterprise the capability to tag and track people either automatically or manually during or after an event. The software will automatically track an individual’s actions and whereabouts throughout a CCTV network. This tag and track functionality is ideal for live pursuit of individuals during an incident, or for rapid investigations following a crime, enabling the tracking of their whereabouts and activities before, during and after a crime has been committed.

This tag and track functionality operates with legacy camera systems, and is also digitally integrated with our patented Intelligent Moving Camera (Viseum IMC) technology, being yet another unique and world-beating CCTV security solution from Viseum UK. This CCTV people surveillance solution is now digitally integrated with our leading face recognition technologies.

Viseum iVOS F3 (Find, Fix and Follow)

Tag and Track Technology Concept: Demonstration 1

This is a CCTV Demonstration of Viseum Technology in 2006

This demonstration uses a colour fixed contextual view CCTV camera to automatically verify and index its surveillance targets. It automatically gives each pedestrian a unique number in order to follow them through a network of CCTV cameras. This demonstration also shows how it can ignore particular types of pedestrian if needed.

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Tag and Track Technology Concept: Demonstration 2

This CCTV Demonstration uses a Viseum IMC camera. The moving PTZ camera to verifies and indexes its surveillance targets.

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Viseum’s New Software Technology Service – High Density Pedestrian Saliency

This example is from a busy London shopping high street and shows images of people surveillance, being viewed live over a low bandwidth 3G mobile phone data connection using Viseum’s central tag and track intelligent video management system (Viseum CiVMS). The PTZ camera images are also transmitted back to the local authority’s central control over a high bandwidth fibre connection.

This CCTV Demonstration uses a Viseum IMC camera. This is detecting salient targets in high density (pedestrian/traffic) areas and automatically moves the PTZ camera to follow the salient target in the areas under surveillance.

Automatically selects salient targets from multiple targets for high density people surveillance.

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This narrated example shows how the correct situational awareness can automatically mitigate, the most mundane and the most complex security risks.

Note – all this functionality requires Viseum’s customised Ultra model of DVR Camera Controller for high processing.

Downloads for the ‘Tag and Track’ People Surveillance: