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The most effective and cost efficient remote standalone
CCTV solution, to the problem of protecting
everywhere at the same time.

Stand alone CCTV video surveillance systemsstand alone cctv

Endorsed by Major UK Police Force

Known as the solution to the problem of stand alone CCTV open space wide area security, the Viseum Intelligent Moving Camera (Viseum IMC) is a panoramic 180°-360° automated PTZ camera system, known as a virtual guard, a virtual operator and a virtual gigapixel camera.

Each Viseum IMC used for a remote stand alone CCTV video surveillance systems produces more court quality identification evidence than a minimum of 200 installed standard high resolution fixed cameras, and is proven to outperform at least 5 of any other advanced PTZ  CCTV camera. If you want the best available security for your business or residential communities, or if you are just looking for the most cost-effective  solution to cover all your areas, Viseum IMCs are a powerful option for standalone CCTV video surveillance systems.

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The Viseum IMC used for automated video surveillance systems remote monitoring not only makes organisations more confident of protecting and managing the security of their remote sites, but these unique benefits allow the expansion of CCTV schemes, because larger areas at more locations can now have the highest level of remote stand alone CCTV security. This provides the most effective crime clear up, and the best long-term deterrent available short of having resident security staff constantly on alert. Although these outdoor surveillance cameras can operate without anyone controlling or watching them (i.e. standalone CCTV video surveillance systems), communities actually believe they have a surveillance specialist constantly looking out for them.

Stand alone Intelligent CCTV

Stand alone CCTV video surveillance systems

The Viseum outdoor CCTV camera collects close-up evidence of incidents and stores it locally without user intervention. Using Viseum’s intelligent PTZ camera in this way enables an organisation to look after more sites whilst leaving them unattended, but with the confidence that particular crime issues will be successfully addressed.

“It’s now quite pointless having remote  security with moving cameras
without this functionality now that it’s available” (end user)

Stand alone CCTV before Viseum

Remote stand alone CCTV video surveillance systems intsallations using fixed cameras were positioned only to cover strategic places, simply because the number of remote security cameras needed to cover all areas was uneconomic. As a result, evidence would often be missed or distant events would not be recorded with sufficient quality.

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