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Solving the problem of wide area CCTV surveillance monitoring
to watch your CCTV video wall spring to life for the very first time

Intelligent CCTV Monitoring Software

Remote intelligent automated CCTV monitoring, for the highest levels of video surveillance security. Once clients see how well this software significantly enhances and optimises both legacy and new security enterprise, they do not want to use anything else.

Viseum remote CCTV monitoring  with 360° panoramic surveillance cameras

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The solution to the problem of populated outdoor wide area security

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Case Study for International Law Enforcement Agency

Remote CCTV monitoring infrastructures that use the panoramic 180°-360° Viseum Intelligent Moving Camera (Viseum IMC) systems are proven to be significantly more productive. Viseum UK’s remote CCTV monitoring capabilities won a recent endorsement because just 4 Viseum wireless cameras operated by a single surveillance operator produced more results more easily and more quickly than operators using at least 20 of any other advanced PTZ camera solution.

By being less reliant on remote CCTV monitoring infrastructures and alarm monitoring centres, and with the panoramic 360° PTZ cameras performing as if they are ‘manned’ 24/7/365, remote monitoring infrastructures are now proven to deliver more results, more efficiently than ever before. Viseum UK’s panoramic 360° outdoor surveillance cameras bridge the gap between remote monitored and unmonitored systems. Remote monitoring central control rooms and alarm monitoring centres can watch their video walls spring to life for the very first time, and, although Viseum IMCs can operate without anyone watching, communities believe they have a specialist constantly looking out for them.

CCTV monitoringThe UK leads the world in the use of surveillance cameras, with today’s standard schemes working to levels recommended by the UK Home Office in 1994. In 2007 the UK Home Office Strategy Board called for a technology to revolutionise open space, in a bid to help manage the ever increasing number of cameras with limited scheme infrastructures. Viseum’s surveillance cameras are already delivering this revolution and providing organisations and their business and residential communities with improved levels of service whilst reducing operational expenditure.

Viseum launches the advanced remote CCTV monitoring service with the UK’s main alarm receiving centres (ARC)

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Remote CCTV Monitoring Central Control Integration

Each Viseum surveillance camera, whether installed as an addition to, or as part of an overall upgrade to, a scheme, provides the dual benefit of not only providing increased surveillance functionality from each Viseum outdoor surveillance camera installation, but also frees up operators to focus more on the major security issues of the day.

    Surrey Police Case Study

    View Surrey Police Case Study

      • Use fewer camera installations, less reliant on remote surveillance infrastructures, to protect larger areas and more locations
      • Support key technology recommendations for  remote surveillance from the UK Home Office
      • Make all your PTZ camera installations perform as ’360° manned’ 24/7/365

    The Viseum IMC is commonly known as a virtual guard, a virtual operator and a virtual gigapixel camera, which significantly out performs leading megapixel cameras. Each installation effectively covers every direction at the same time:

      • Remote CCTV monitoring for situation awareness – 2m up to 130m
      • Automated recognition evidence – 2m up to 100m
      • Automated identification evidence – 2m up to 61m

    Viseum presents its patented breakthrough integrated into remote CCTV monitoring central control room operations

    Plug and play integration

    Remotely manages Viseum’s panoramic 360° outdoor surveillance cameras using the Viseum graphical user interface; monitors all live contextual view cameras;  interrogates recordings local to the camera;  schedules surveillance profiles; prioritises hot spots. All that’s needed is a TCP/IP link and your standard workstation using a standard web browser.

    • Provides the best of both worlds, where Viseum’s machine-to-machine intelligent automation interplays with the remote monitoring central control room’s operator vigilance. Viseum panoramic 360° outdoor surveillance cameras will zoom into and follow any activity of interest. Remote operators can always seamlessly override Viseum’s automation, but when they are too busy or simply unavailable when crimes are committed, high quality close up evidence can still be captured and the long term deterrent will always be sustained.
    PTZ Upgrade Packs

    PTZ 360° Upgrade Packs

    • Viseum panoramic outdoor surveillance cameras integrate seamlessly today with all major brands of analogue remote monitoring control room equipment, using existing transmission infrastructures or Viseum-driven COFDM. The control of the PTZ uses the same standard 2 or 4 wire remote control room telemetry, and its live images are recorded and presented in just the same way as always, but with the added benefit of 1) moving themselves to incidents of interest when operators are unavailable, and 2) storing backup recordings locally to the camera of the PTZ and all fixed contextual view cameras

    Optional digital integration

    All advanced Viseum panoramic 360° panoramic outdoor surveillance camera functionality is available today using the Viseum graphical user interface (GUI) from the remote monitoring control room. Using the most secure web based techniques, Viseum’s technology partners offer the following levels of this patented breakthrough, digitally integrated into the familiar operator-trained remote monitoring control room GUI:

    Level 1 | Extended dual evidence | Investigate incidents and find what you’re looking for faster

    Case Study

    View Chester Case Study

    Connect to Viseum’s remote onboard DVR from the remote monitoring central control room’s workstation. Its familiar user interface can then be used to interrogate all recordings stored locally to the camera as an extension to the remote monitoring central control room’s own storage.  Significantly reduce post-video interrogation time by using Viseum’s 360° panoramic fixed contextual camera views for a visual ‘Smart Search’, or remote monitoring control room meta-tagged ‘Smart Search’ capability that can rapidly locate specific areas where close-up evidence is required.

    For backup storage or primary use and eliminating costly transmission: Viseum 360° panoramic outdoor surveillance camera installations are used to locally store their contextual view and close-up recordings. Benefit from extended dual evidence of any close up event using Viseum’s fixed contextual view cameras. See the lead-up to the event as well as the aftermath: for example, see who else witnessed the event and see where the suspect(s) came from and escaped to.

    Level 2 | Advanced evidence locker | Process your evidence for rapid convictions

    Designed in association with the Home Office and major police forces to standardise the use of video evidence for criminal investigations and court convictions, play all Viseum 360° panoramic outdoor surveillance camera views at the same time for complete detail of all events in the whole area. Once Viseum’s locally stored recordings have been identified as evidence, this can be stored in the central control room in one of two methods to support particular organisations’ evidence processes and ‘barrister proof’ policies:

    Case Study

    View Ealing Case Study

    Option 1 – Digitally integrated by the manufacturers of the central control room recording system, to be stored with all other evidence within your proprietary evidence locker.

    Option 2 – Digitally integrated by your IT department using the universal digital panoramic 360° surveillance viewing software package for Windows.

    Level 3 | Live contextual view camera streaming | Do not miss any incidents

    Use the 360° panoramic Viseum IMC as a multichannel codec to avoid purchasing any single, multichannel and PTZ data control codecs, and so deliver a more cost effective product which is easier to install and relocate.  At the same time as operators are following a live event with the PTZ camera, they can watch any one of, or all, the fixed contextual view cameras to see what else is happening in the whole area.

    From the control room, or securely via the Internet to a mobile PC device, audio and visual alerts can be received and PTZ cameras can be moved in the normal way, or even faster in emergencies with a simple touch on the spot screen.

    Level 4 | Advanced intelligent alarms | Stay on top of all your wireless cameras

    With simple instructions – such as a touch of your remote monitoring spot screen – your PTZ camera installations can be programmed with local knowledge of specific areas and times of day or week of where and when to expect crime. Prioritise certain areas over others, but automatically remain totally vigilant by also including the many areas where random crimes could occur. Alarms will then be sent to the surveillance operator to respond.

    “The only better deterrent would be having a policeman constantly there”
    (Community Safety Warden)

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