After seeing Viseum IMC cameras monitoring their perimeter and within the perimeter's compound, a city governor said he will save lives by detecting insurgents approaching and infiltrating his city without risking the lives of his guards.

CCTV Security Cameras

CCTV Security Camera – Today’s Problems

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It is critical to collect high-quality close-up video evidence when the security is breached causing considerable loss and criminal damage, but for today’s CCTV security cameras to achieve this it is unlikely. Also, with today’s financial climate and the need to reduce security overheads, this creates major challenges.

CCTV Security Camera – Today’s Results

In reality, criminals do their crimes within just a few carefully planned seconds, already damaging the site and making their escape with stolen goods. Trying to retrieve crucial evidence often proves futile because the incident did not occur close up to the security cameras, or was missed completely because the camera was pointing the wrong way. This means that even if the criminals are apprehended, on many occasions they cannot be brought to justice, the event will be classified as unsolved, and the value of the remote site’s security deterrent cannot be sustained.



Today’s Future-Proof CCTV Security Cameras

Viseum UK’s Intelligent CCTV Security Cameras

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Viseum UK supplies the only Intelligent security cameras in the world to automatically detect multiple attacks from all directions of the protected area at the same time, automatically control a PTZ Camera to zoom into and follow the required action, capture high-quality close-up evidence even before the alarm is raised, and automatically report it for rapid response.

At the heart of all our Intelligent surveillance solutions is the patented Panoramic Security Camera, also known as the Viseum Intelligent Moving Camera (Viseum IMC). This uses multiple fixed and one moving PTZ surveillance camera in a single unit, with advanced software called Viseum intelligent Virtual Operator Software (iVOS), to detect, zoom into and follow all intruders no matter where they each break into, circulate or leave the remote site. It is modular hardware configured to cover a targeted area or provide vast simultaneous full 360° panoramic coverage, up to the size of 4 Olympic Stadiums from just one camera installation.



Best Value CCTV Security Cameras

It has been independently endorsed that it would take at least 6 times more installations of any other advanced PTZ Camera solution, or at least 10 of the industry’s latest panoramic megapixel cameras, or a minimum of 200 times more standard fixed camera installations, to provide the level of security that each Viseum outdoor surveillance camera provides without being dependent on any surveillance operators or infrastructures.

Best Long-Term CCTV Deterrent

The criminal is always deterred where cameras perform “manned” and once they see Viseum UK’s overt camera model follow them they believe a proactive human operator has already spotted them. This is well proven to deter the threat of theft and criminal damage, better than any other crime reduction initiative short of having resident security staff constantly on alert.