This police officer also said, "The Viseum Intelligent rapid deployment CCTV is the fastest and most effective way to clear up our crime hotspots. It gives immediate vast coverage just as soon as it reaches the remote site."

Olympics CCTV Monitoring

Olympics CCTV Surveillance Technology

The well-known TV show, ‘Big Brother’, has helped people think that CCTV is extremely intrusive. Each and every camera on the show is constantly monitored by a dedicated surveillance specialist. This is not correct. Only a small handful of people watch hundreds, or even thousands, of surveillance cameras at any one time.

The security of an entire estate is designed around having a small handful of people watching many thousands of cameras. A person can only look at one camera at a time. They are the most expensive operational overhead, with wages an ongoing and increasing cost. This job has a high turnover of staff because they are unreliable for critical services. Operatives fail to turn up for work and lack concentration. It is commonly accepted for security organisations to waste millions of dollars each year. Many thousands of man-hours attempting to find and retrieve just a few seconds of crucial video evidence. From days or months of stored video footage. These efforts result, daily, in lengthy reports why the video was not available or could not be used.

Yet it’s still the case for events such as the Olympics and the Football World Cups that the pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) camera is being commonly used by the remote surveillance operator to protect people and assets in open space areas. This is not all good news for the criminal and bad news for the public. Many PTZ Camera installations around the world are now being transformed from reactive infrastructure-dependent surveillance, to proactive independent security assets. This is being achieved by using Viseum UK’s patented surveillance technology. The only PTZ Camera installations in the world to optimize the key human element of surveillance by providing greater coverage from fewer PTZ camera installations. Collecting more close-up evidence without any operators being present.

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Olympics CCTV Security London Torch Relay River Thames

There are many reasons why Viseum’s technology was developed. Why its camera solutions have grown in popularity, even throughout international recessions. The key benefit of this technology is to provide intelligently automated CCTV Monitoring local to the PTZ Camera which doesn’t depend on anything else to protect the remote site.

Today’s CCTV technology

A CCTV security consultant will still commonly specify PTZ Cameras for open space CCTV monitoring, even though it’s known these need to be constantly controlled and watched in order to deliver results. This is because – until now – this has been the only practical CCTV camera device capable of capturing information to react in emergencies or produce evidence needed to convict. At the other extreme, too much data is being presented to operators. The standard HD or megapixel camera hasn’t been able to compete. Its limited coverage, massive transmission bandwidth and storage capacity are the problems.

This means that less than 1% of the current monitored and unmonitored CCTV installations deliver results. In the current financial climate, the high-security conscious end user is taking a much harder look at getting greater value. Buyers are spending much more wisely. Very few are purchasing the lowest priced solutions. Indeed, the majority are investing in CCTV security innovation. This is the cause of many large security industry ‘box shifters’ now going out of business.

Today’s manned guarding services

Ongoing costs need to be reduced. But service levels need to increase. The manned guarding security industry is looking to use CCTV security to replace its people. With current technology, it’s not surprising that until Viseum many users have been reluctant to do this. Large secured wide areas do not benefit from their guards’ monitoring cameras. They are unable to capture close-up video of the actual moment the site was damaged and goods were stolen. Events like this usually happen within just a few carefully planned seconds. Standard CCTV rarely captures quality images identifying criminals committing the crime. But, even if they were not wearing masks, the video is not conclusive to secure a conviction. Everyone knows that when standard CCTV systems have achieved this, it is an extraordinary event that makes headline news!

Enter the Viseum Intelligent 360 CCTV Camera

All these are legacy issues, which, thanks to Viseum Best CCTV, have now simply gone away. The problems concerning CCTV Monitoring coverage, surveillance staff availability or fatigue, video image transmission, video storage – and even concerns around privacy – have all vanished with the Viseum Intelligent 360 CCTV Camera. Its technical performance and reliability are giving high-security conscious people the confidence to start benefiting from electronic security together with an enhanced level of security service.

Just like the Olympics CCTV monitoring, other high-profile events can now all use this type of technology as a matter of course. The many other events that take place around the world can now upgrade their PTZ Cameras so their monitoring systems benefit from this latest best-in-class innovation.