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Viseum UK Celebrates Another Contract Win

The Isle of Man Government (IoM), has turned to Viseum’s redeployable CCTV security cameras to help protect important conservation and city regeneration areas, and the island’s capital and political centre. IoM joins a growing number of governments, police forces and other law enforcement agencies turning to Viseum UK because of its innovative and effective approach to traditional wide area CCTV coverage and surveillance challenges.

Four redeployable CCTV Viseum IMCs have been individually mounted along the roads, which can be monitored from a central CCTV monitoring room, with digital recording capability at both the cameras and at the control room.

Council Leader David Christian, Chairman of the Policy and Resources Committee, said:  “With the regeneration of the North Quay, and the area rapidly becoming a major entertainment and leisure zone for the capital, extending surveillance coverage to the locality has become a priority. The Council fully supports the use of surveillance as it helps Public Safety, acts as a deterrent to antisocial behaviour and footage can be used in Court to bring criminals to justice.  We have also been encouraged to learn that our partners, the police, have indicated they would be in favour of monitoring the surveillance coverage ‘live’ should they be required to at weekends. The latest surveillance technology will be used, where these 4 new redeployable Viseum cameras deliver the performance of roughly 20 of the older CCTV units. Additionally, subject to funding being available, the Council’s Parks section will be looking at installing a Viseum system to reduce incidences of vandalism.”


Intelligent CCTV Panoramic Security Camera


IoM Engineer and Surveyor, also a lead member of Community Regeneration Safety Programme, said: “The areas we’re particularly concerned about are increasing security of our car parks, bus stops, access to our marinas, and the potential for antisocial behaviour associated with an increasing number of licensed and leisure facilities. The Viseum redeployable CCTV uses proven technology and enables fewer CCTV cameras to be deployed, offering better coverage and more effective crime detection and prevention – at a fraction of the cost of traditional systems.”

The requirements for our installations were for an intermittently manned surveillance control room, but with cameras performing better than constantly manned. Viseum’s redeployable IMC ticked all the boxes as it both enhances operator efficiency where operators are present, but can also be effectively used where resources dictate there are no permanent operators.

Viseum UK Group President, Stuart Thompson, said: “Local authority CCTV schemes are budget and resource-driven and surveillance technologies are increasingly being required to do more. This is where Viseum’s redeployable security cameras score very highly. Where operators are not an option due to cost, or where their time needs to be spent on specific tasks, the redeployable IMC offers an extremely effective and cost-efficient solution to the control room environment.”

The Viseum IMC has removed crime and antisocial behaviour problems in other localities too, immediately having the effect of making criminals realise they were actually being watched, and making the general public realise they were actually being protected. This is the opposite of previous technologies which often prove so ineffective criminals all but disregard them.

Most open space PTZ Cameras have already exceeded their life expectancy and the fact is the limitations of older technologies mean that most of these are pointing the wrong way when crimes occur. Viseum presents an unparalleled and cost-effective offering for clients to stay on top of all their camera installations. This is being achieved by replacing or upgrading PTZ cameras to become Viseum IMCs, which in turn enables control room staff to spend their time more effectively, maximises overall efficiencies and enables a much more viable solution for surveillance scheme expansion.

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