Viseum Sales Process

Viseum Sales Qualification Process

With the heightened global demand for our security and surveillance solutions, it is crucial to focus our sales on customers who need Viseum the most.” (Viseum UK Group President)


  • The World’s Disruptive Technology for automated security and surveillance for situational awareness for complex and challenging environments.
  • Greater coverage from fewer camera installations – giving the most effective and efficient means of protecting a customer’s entire property portfolio – providing full overwatch of their assets, staff and customers.
  • Our many public body endorsements and our internationally patented technologies – are testament to Viseum security and surveillance solutions being the very best available.
  • Any other CCTV security solution will unnecessarily compromise the customer’s security. E.g. Without strong Red Team Testing of your security it is completely ineffective against criminals with intent, and they will not be deterred.

At the start of supporting a customer, it is extremely important to establish the value of working with Viseum. We have learned that this particular message from our sales training is, in fact, essential for winning all of our security projects:


Viseum does not operate with anyone who initially worries about budget BEFORE their security. Viseum solutions are purchased throughout the world where the potential impact of antisocial, criminal or terrorist activity upon public safety, commercial profit or national infrastructure is judged as being unacceptably high.

If budget is the main deciding factor for a security project requirement, Viseum will not pursue the sale. However, when a customer seeks to judge upon technical performance and reliability – Viseum will confidently compete and win the sale. Once this is explained at the start of any business relationship, we also present a compelling Business Case with substantial operational savings, whereby Viseum solutions pay for themselves within the first year of procurement.

Entry Level Pilot CCTV Installations 

Viseum Certified Corporate Partners manage all the local risk/reward assessments for each project and prospect opportunity, by investing in the Viseum equipment themselves. Once qualified in this way we have a phased technology introduction programme. Viseum IMC Panoramic Security Cameras are initially installed for the customer to understand some of the main benefits of our camera technology strengths. Following this initial training process, the customer can then understand and appreciate more benefits of other Viseum technology strengths, such as automated face recognition, person identification and automated vehicle number plate recognition (ANPR).


Viseum Site Survey                                              > Download Viseum Site Survey Process <

Viseum UK’s Desktop Design Services   > Download Presentation of Viseum UK’s CCTV Designs <


Camera Equipment – This is the essential stage of the Viseum Sales Process. Viseum or a Viseum Certified Corporate Partner can provide a desktop design of the intelligent CCTV solution, if site dimensions, drawings, photos, and/or Google map locations of the site can be provided. The benefit of this service is to encourage the customer to save paying an “independent consultant” for an inferior design.

Software Requirements – Pricing for the project can be provided once all security concerns are understood – to produce the automated surveillance tasks, including what information and alarms the customer needs to automatically manage the security of their entire estate.

Initially separate opportunities in these 2 categories:

  1. Long-term prospect – lead is passed over to Viseum’s business development team.
  2. Identified project – lead is passed over to Viseum’s pre-sales team and processed in the following way…

Product Solution Pricing

Pricing of Viseum Product Solutions is directly related to Viseum’s Branding Policy.

Viseum will deliver at least 10 times more value than its closest competition and this is because of the superior technical performance, the highest quality and reliability. Viseum will typically quote triple compared to any other bidder, who will then have to quote at least triple this again to match Viseum camera coverage, AND for what will still remain an inferior solution for effective coverage, technical performance and reliability. This also excludes the extreme costs for installation and 24/7/365 monitoring of any other camera needed to deliver similar security coverage.

Viseum will design the strongest security with more coverage and the best automated surveillance. We use far less operational overheads than any of our competition. Viseum security designs are the most practical for technical performance and reliability, to protect more people and more assets of a remote site, and with the highest quality video than any other solution.

Giving out the Viseum Price List – Project pricing is very dependent on the security solution design customisation e.g. what application(s) and security risk(s), the geospatial information of the remote sites, if the site has frequent people and or vehicle traffic, or is there expected/registered personnel in certain places or not at certain times, as well as power and low light conditions, what automated surveillance systems, what and how they are integrated into other systems and processes.

There is no benefit in our giving out simplistic unit prices because there are no other cameras available that Viseum Disruptive Technology can be compared against. This is also because Viseum security camera installations use significantly fewer cameras, to cover much larger areas than any other camera technology. We only give our price once we have qualified the customer to be looking for the World’s Best CCTV security and surveillance solutions.

Using the Viseum Price List – Viseum pricing wins projects with customers needing to deliver the world’s best security services. We develop and support the World’s Best Video Analytics, priced as general and niche Software Technology Services and the Viseum iVOS (Intelligent Virtual Operator Software) Products. Our price list includes:


  • The Viseum IMC Camera iVOS software operating locally to the camera installation using Viseum standard surveillance software modules.
  • The Viseum CiVMS iVOS software operating centrally at Command Control using Viseum standard surveillance software modules and common systems integration software modules.


Project Pricing – Our budgetary project designs also include typical prices for the project’s niche Software Technology Services, and other customisations needed for the project to sustain the highest levels of success. Our Product Solutions are delivered plug-and-play with our software commissioned by Viseum Remote Managed Support Services.


Sales Prequalification Questionnaire – Only accurate information will be needed to identify the likelihood of success and for Viseum to prioritise its support in the best way to help win your project.


 > Download word format of this questionnaire <

Ease of Procurement

As this solution is Internationally Patented, and therefore only one source of supply, Viseum customers do not need to tender their security projects, therefore also benefiting by saving significant time, resources and funds during procurement.

Product Catalogue

We solve our customers’ problems with security and surveillance and we deliver this success for our customers with many different types of technology delivered as easy-to-use plug-and-play Product Solutions. Our most popular Product Solutions are featured in our standard price list and the vast majority of our installations are designed around these Product Solutions. Viseum is not a “box-shifter” and because of the vast number of product components, and the educational nature of our Disruptive Technology, we do not expect our customers to choose products from a catalogue.

Sales Training

One of the most important sales messages is the fact that what Viseum offers is not just the best camera available on the market but it offers the solution to your customers’ problems with security.

There are many professional individuals and organisations throughout the world who wish to use, resell, and/or associate themselves with Viseum security solutions. The Viseum UK Group is sharing this business growth with its Certified Corporate Partners, and the process for selecting such professionals is from the performance of the first identified project(s). As we offer unparalleled security solutions we have developed unique processes to optimise the time and resources needed to generate and close Viseum sales. In order for you to enjoy sharing business with us as a Viseum Certified Corporate Partner, it is essential to read, fully understand and follow our documented sales processes.


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Channel Partner Sales

Viseum Certified Corporate Reseller

If you would like to become a Viseum Certified Corporate Reseller (systems installer/systems integrator): If you remain persistent in contacting Viseum Pre-Sales Support to help you identify and win your first Viseum project(s), a typical turnover can be $1 million in your first year. “A recent example – a small sized project bidder followed Viseum Sales Processes and rejected a tender because of its inferior design – this resulted in generating just over $1 million worth of Viseum business and within just the first 3 months.” (Viseum UK Group President)

It is well proven for our certified partners to enjoy much more business with many more happy customers by working with Viseum. This is because of the significant added value that Viseum solutions deliver the customer and the ongoing extra referral business that our customers are happy to provide. Viseum is well known for delivering advanced technologies to the industry as trusted plug-and-play solutions. This is managed well with Viseum Certified Corporate Partner training and Viseum’s Phased Technology Introduction approach:


  • Do you have, or do you need training for TCP/IP (internet protocol) expertise in your team, or do you need Viseum training for this? This knowledge is essential for introducing Viseum solutions as plug-and-play, and to also be capable of answering all technical questions, once the budget holder passes Viseum over to their technical analysts for evaluation.
  • What is your profile within your region and what industries are you strong in?
  • Do you have security installations and support services in place for digital CCTV security systems?
  • Are you in control of a specific project that has the budget approved and a requirement for Viseum’s offering, or are you prospecting for new business? Viseum supports new business prospecting with remote support and will support customer visits with a Viseum representative anywhere in the world for qualified projects.
  • Serious partners are given the opportunity to invest in Viseum’s Certified Corporate Partner Programme.


Viseum Corporate Agent

If you would like to become a Viseum Corporate Agent: Viseum remunerates its agent network very well at the start of the business relationship and then exceptionally well as we increase our sales with each agent.


Agent Model – this typical process model is how the sale works in all regions:


  1. The project concept is submitted to the Viseum Agent by the main contractor, consultant or stakeholder(s), or the Viseum Agent is made aware of the project from various proactive means.
  2. Viseum Agent then advises them to use the Viseum Cameras and Software (Internationally patented and therefore only Viseum can supply).
  3. Viseum is used to produce the design and budget for supply and project services.
  4. Viseum then supplies product and services to the local main contractor to install and support.
  5. Viseum is paid for supply, and then supply commission can then be paid to the Viseum Agent.
  6. Viseum manages the installation, system commissioning and training with the local main contractor.
  7. Viseum is then paid for the project services and then all commission due can be paid to the Viseum Agent.

Agent Test Run – we only ever start investing in a professional for their services, expenses, office setup and ongoing costs, etc. after we have won some business with them. This starts with a test run of the model with the potential agent so that we can learn about them, to customise the model and plan their role in our regional growth.


Viseum Certified Corporate Technology Partners

If you would like to become a Viseum Certified Corporate Technology Partner: The Viseum Certified Technology Partner network generates significant business opportunities together. To ensure this network attracts only the best available partners the Viseum Certification Process has a stringent QA and commercial process.