Institutional Racism

Institutional Racism Exposed in Bexley

Bexley Council is disgraced for child cruelty fuelled by inhumane institutional racism. To cover up racial attacks and victimisation this council is depriving minority-race families of their basic human rights, and risking manslaughter charges, by wasting millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money conspiring with their schools and childcare services. A London-based mixed-race mother and father have worked tirelessly to expose ... Read More »

Humanity’s Turning Point

Are all races white supremacists? and are all white people racist? Answering this bizarre question Viseum UK brings an unspoken fact-of-life to surface. The vast majority of humanity has the deluded instinct that white people have more rights than all other races. They have also proven that this is at the heart of division and the world’s broken economics. Put a ... Read More »