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Local Authority Yearly Savings Calculator

How Viseum Intelligent CCTV Saves Money…

Operational Safe City savings for existing local authority CCTV networks, compared to increasing ongoing costs for your security personnel.Procedure-to-Upload-an-Excel-Sheet-on-Joomla-Websites

Viseum has developed these operational crime fighting savings calculators, with help from the security professionals who designed, built and managed London’s Police Command Control and Communications network. The calculations used for these savings are based on real-life examples when using the Viseum IMC camera, from field installations in and around the United Kingdom:

Download in spreadsheet format:


“Whilst making these operational savings you are also force multiplying your Security Services, and delivering further holistic savings.”

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Safe City local Authority Savings Calculator Notes:

  • Example numbers are based on highly conservative estimates and averages, from Viseum UK’s network of customers.
  • These cost savings also exclude the enormous costs of crime itself that are left for the victims and local authorities to pay for. Billions are lost in this way each year – for example, just one alcohol-related street fight typically costs a community $8,000+. This also includes average costs for police, ambulance, hospital and other associated average intangible costs such as fear and inconvenience caused by just one such offence.
  • For capital spend investments to benefit from these savings there is a > Safe City Business Case <.

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