Child Wins Fight Against Institutional Racism – From Pier to Prom

From Pier to Prom…

Within just 2 months from a pier on the River Thames considering to kill themselves to a Prom on the River Thames displaying their happiness. This all happened thanks to the mixed-race child’s hard work and watching the perpetrators realise the shame of their guilt.

Our vast network fighting Institutional Racism helped with strategy and against leverage Bexley Council. Slowly but surely some of the perpetrators grew a conscience and raised their hands to admit their guilt and expose their colleagues.

In March 2019 at the start of this revelation, Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Academy (HACA School) admitted their wrongdoings and apologised that they blindly followed their Bexley Council. Dad met with Principal Richard Farrow and Vice-Principal Sian Evans of HACA School who then learned the strength of Mum and Dad’s case against them. They also unwittingly strengthened it more by revealing they were the formal lead instigators in taking their child away. The school then desperately threatened all the adults in the English family’s home with a fine each if they did not force Mum and Dad’s child to go to school. HACA school and the English family were happy that the child did what they were forced to do, but Mum and Dad knew that forcing their child under extreme duress was going to end in disaster if they did not act.

Just 20 days later the mixed-race child visited Mum and Dad at their home and gave them a form for an autism test. This was in an envelope from Oxleas NHS addressed to the head adult of the English family, with instructions for one form to be returned to Oxleas NHS and one to be given to HACA school. During the same visit, Mum and Dad watched their child secretly search through the family’s paperwork. Although Mum and Dad thought they were looking for something under the instructions of the English family, knowing of their child’s hugely increasing anxiety they chose not to enquire further. The following day this child considered committing suicide by jumping off a pier into the River Thames.

Bexley Council’s Abuse of Power – (proven by MP)

This mixed-race family’s second breakthrough – Mum and Dad sought crucial advice from XXXXXXXX Police Station. The family’s MP, David Evennett sent the school Mum and Dad’s legal evidence in the form of this independent review of their case. Using several law firms specialising in child mental health and human rights and equalities, this information demonstrated the damage these organisations were inflicting onto this mixed-race family to avoid their accountability. This prevented any further collaboration and the school was instructed that the child would now only go to their school if they felt up to it, and not because they were under any obligation. Principal Farrow began treating the child apologetically just as did the Principal of BA school back in 2014, and this had an immediate and profound positive effect on this mixed-race child.


It is now public record that David Evennett’s 1 sole action effectively endorsed Mum and Dad’s legal action against Bexley Council, and proved how councils are using minorities to improve the lives of their majority constituents, and to reduce their workload.

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This child read David Evennett’s endorsement of their independent review and this delivered immediate remarkable success. From being constantly instructed to believe they have autism to realising the truth and that it’s nothing to do with autism. This immediately regained a lot of the child’s happiness and confidence. They conquered their biggest fear by going to school, and even in such an extremely short amount of time they took and passed their GCSE exams. They happily moved back home to live with their own family, began planning for their future, and then celebrated all of this by going to their school prom. Obviously, every child’s family came to see their child go to their prom, but the English family stayed away, understandably unable to show their faces.

Community Safety Watch

Bexley Council Helps English Family by Destroying Mixed-Race Family

In May 2018, the head adult of the English family said to Mum and Dad, “From birth up to meeting your mixed-race child, my child had problems, getting into many fights and spending every day of their life unhappy and depressed. Your child is the only way my child can be happy and this makes all of my family’s lives so much more bearable.” Some examples of how dependant this English family became on the mixed-race child living with them:

  • The mixed-race child’s closest friend outside of school said to Mum and Dad, “Your child told me that they know the English family is detrimental to their health.” And, “They are always controlled to do what they don’t want to do. They keep being asked the same thing over and over until they agree to do it.” And, “I got so bored watching this, so this is why I came round and told you.”
  • The mixed-race child’s teachers said to Mum and Dad, “Your child has another very close friend and they’re always looking out for each other.” The following day Mum and Dad asked their mixed-race child to reaffirm this, but the English child spoke for them saying, “No, they are not friends anymore because they are horrible.”
  • On one occasion the English family allowed the mixed-race child to meet with their Mum on their own without them being a chaperone or ‘minder’. They later revealed themselves secretly following and hiding close by to text the mixed-race child that they were watching and that they should hurry up.

Normal Friendships – Obviously, no normal friendship would ever get involved in your family’s affairs. They would never prevent your parents, your siblings and other friends from getting close to you. They would never have so much control over what you do and who you talk to, and they certainly would not encourage you to have autism for claiming benefits.

English family depends on mixed-race child – Now 2019, the English child has been completely transformed into a happy and confident teenager of the opposite gender and with no more problems. There is absolutely no dispute from Bexley Council or the English family, that this is thanks to their use of the mixed-race child’s selflessness. So, instead of depending on support from Bexley Council, this English family has no more problems other than now being completely dependent on this mixed-race child living in their home.

In collaboration together, Bexley Council gave life-changing help to the English family, by destroying the lives of the mixed-race family and making the mixed-race child live in an environment that Bexley Council has formally proven unsafe for them. So, throughout this torture for this mixed-race family, Bexley Council benefited hugely but the English family became so dependent on this mixed-race child, that them living a normal life with their own family is currently completely incompatible with this transgender child living a normal life with their family.

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Mixed-race child attempts living back home – After the revelation of the school prom, the mixed-race child attempted to live back at their own home away from the English child. The English child kept knocking at the home of the mixed-race child who kept pretending to be asleep. Dad said to the English child, “Our child has come home because they have been living a lie for the past year. HACA school and your family proved this by forcing them to school. Instead of verifying the school’s lame threat of fining each of you, you just threw  our child under the bus.” The English child replied, “Yes, but now school has ended we cannot do this anymore.”


With their mixed-race child’s regained happiness and confidence they invited the English child to live together again albeit at the mixed-race child’s home. But strangely, even though now living together again, the English child began behaving as they were before they met the mixed-race child; unhappy and depressed. The English child kept crying and begging over and over for the mixed-race child to go back to the other home. Mum and Dad could see that this was going to end in disaster. So, to allow Mum and Dad to work with their network of support and fix this problem permanently, with an extremely heavy heart they had to take steps for their mixed-race child to go and live back temporarily with the English family.

Publishing Notes:

What has happened to this mixed-race family is receiving media coverage and we are expecting many more minority families to come forward and share their experiences. However, because of the very real threat to their life, until this child is safe we are asking the media to not publish who this brave family is. Mum and Dad have given an exclusive interview to journalist Philip Ingram MBE. Philip is also managing all requests for Mum and Dad’s interviews and TV appearances.

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Harmonising Life Forever is the mission for Viseum® Community SafetyWatch®. For this to become a reality we are helping our communities to call out discrimination wherever it appears. Our vision is for everyone to live and work safe and secure, and because of this, we are supporting the fight against Institutional Racism.

This fight is being led my Mum and one of the sponsors is Viseum® Community SafetyWatch®. For contacting Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® Press Office. Please email only and our response will be within 48 hours: REF: VISCSW8763 – INSTITUTIONAL RACISM UNCOVERED. Press packs are available on request.