Mixed-Race Family Beats England’s Racial Establishment – Inspiring Change

This is a remarkable family. They were humiliated and undermined throughout this ordeal, but having fought through it, they have taken on and beaten the racially discriminating establishment. Before any of this, all members of this mixed-race family spent each day smiling, being happier and closer than most families. Many of their children’s friend’s parents would say to Mum and Dad, “You have brought up such perfect children, we would love for them to be with our children for as many sleepovers as you will allow.”

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From 2012 and how the eldest child cleverly selected which schools they attended to manage race discrimination, to 2014 and how the middle child took the brunt of everything and became battle-hardened. From the racist attacks and the school Principal saying sorry, to 2016’s successful cry for help but trying again at the same school, to 2017’s starting afresh at a new school only to experience the depths of Bexley Council’s race discrimination, to 2019’s Pier to Prom. Bringing all of this out into the open is only because of the strength and resourcefulness of this mixed-race family. A prime example is the mixed-race child taking Mum and Dad’s safeguarding risk warning letter about the English family, and giving it to the English family, and knowing this would expose everything.

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Philip Ingram MBE a journalist for many global publicity outlets like BBC and CBC: “Having researched into this, Mum and Dad’s role is remarkable. Where others would have given up they kept on fighting. The main stars are these mixed-race children. As endorsed by the MP, this would have confused their formative years. It is ingenious how they have each coped. Although anonymous I strongly recommend they make themselves known. There is a huge market ahead of them as young role models with true purpose in life. For the child at the front line of this discrimination, their inspiration will unlock the tremendous unused potential in all young minorities.” And: “Mum said they wanted a million followers on Instagram, but I think their struggle will touch the hearts of hundreds of millions across the globe.”

Mum and Dad: “Our greatest achievement as a family to-date is Pier to Prom but there is more to come. As this proves for the record, our clever children have never had any sort of mental or physical illness because they are in fact the strongest people we have ever known. Any person will have a natural and logical reaction to being treated this way but it is commendable as to how our children have managed.”

You can register here to follow this anonymous family and encourage their identity to be revealed:

Mixed-Race Child to Teenage Role Model

This courageous person was a child at the start but they are now a young adult with a huge future ahead of them in whatever they decide to do. They have lived through so much duress and control, AND have fought back at each opportunity. Showing the strength of this child’s fight and resolve with Bexley Council’s attempts to use and control them. Now a teenager with the final winning score 4 – 3. This is before Mum and Dad have finished suing Bexley Council.

Clearly, Institutional Racism has finally picked on the wrong minority-race family. Currently anonymous to protect the children, you can follow this family who is becoming known as the family who beat England’s racially discriminating establishment. Mum and Dad have given an exclusive interview to journalist Philip Ingram MBE. Philip is also managing all requests for Mum and Dad’s interviews and TV appearances, and we are expecting many more minority families to come forward and share their experiences. 

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This fight is being led my Mum and one of the sponsors is Viseum® Community SafetyWatch®. For contacting Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® Press Office. Please email only and our response will be within 48 hours: press.office@viseum.co.uk. REF: VISCSW8763 – INSTITUTIONAL RACISM UNCOVERED. Press packs also include case files against all perpetrating organisations with 5 years of correlated verified and legalised hard factual evidence of Institutional Racism:

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