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Bexley Council Corruption Exposed – Institutional Racism

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Bexley Council is disgraced for corruption and child cruelty fuelled by inhumane Institutional Racism. To cover up racist attacks and victimisation, Bexley Council is depriving minority-race families of their basic human rights, and risking manslaughter charges, by wasting millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money conspiring with their schools and childcare services. A London-based mixed-race mother and father have worked tirelessly ... Read More »

Minorities Escape Human Rights Abuse – Bexley Council’s Racism

At the hands of Bexley Council over the past 5 years, this anonymous mixed-race family has experienced unprecedented levels of human rights abuse. To prevent one of their children from committing suicide numerous times because of this abuse, they have had to take unprecedented steps using the law and publicity. They are exposing Bexley Council for inhumane abuse of minority-race ... Read More »