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Mixed-Race Family Defeats Institutional Racism – Bexley Council

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Bexley Council is depriving minority-race families of their basic human rights conspiring with their schools and childcare services.   We have proof and with verified witnesses in XXXXXXXX Police Station, that Bexley Council is exploiting the formative age of minority-race children to save budgets, reduce workloads and better the lives of their English residents. A mixed-race family has worked tirelessly ... Read More »

Child Wins Fight Against Institutional Racism – From Pier to Prom

From Pier to Prom… This mixed-race family’s greatest achievement – Within just 2 months from a pier on the River Thames considering to kill themselves to a Prom on the River Thames displaying their strength and happiness. In March 2019 at the start of this revelation, this mixed-race child’s school (Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Academy) admitted their wrongdoings and apologised that ... Read More »

London MP Risks Manslaughter Charges – Defending Institutional Racism

London MP puts mixed-race child’s life in danger, by proving themselves incompetent and defending Bexley Council’s Institutional Racism Constituents go to their MP’s when they have experienced significant problems and they have exhausted all other options with nowhere else to turn. On 06/07/2018 Dad went to his MP, pleading for his help. This MP then said, “Tell your wife you ... Read More »

Mixed-Race Family Beats England’s Racial Establishment – Inspiring Change

This is a remarkable family. They were humiliated and undermined throughout this ordeal, but having fought through it, they have taken on and beaten the racially discriminating establishment. Before any of this, all members of this mixed-race family spent each day smiling, being happier and closer than most families. Many of their children’s friend’s parents would say to Mum and ... Read More »