Institutional Racism Exposed

Bexley Council is disgraced for child cruelty fuelled
by inhumane institutional racism.

To cover up racial attacks and victimisation this council is depriving minority race families of their basic human rights, and risking manslaughter charges, by wasting millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money conspiring with their schools and childcare services.

A London-based mixed-race mother and father have worked tirelessly with their children to expose this council for Institutional Racism. They have revealed a startling ignorance at senior level; their Children’s Social Care Services are trained to exploit the formative age of minority race children. Instead of providing expensive treatments for anxiety, to save budgets and reduce their liability they convince these children to have incurable mental health conditions, and they humiliate and undermine their parents to prevent them from obstructing this corruption.

Having proven all of this, this council is now facing a massive lawsuit that they cannot defend. Several of this council’s public services have over quadrupled their workload to put right their wrongdoings, and are allegedly losing multiple members of their workforce.

Bullying, Victimisation and Corruption – Institutional Racism

In 2001, a mother-to-be from Asia with a degree in psychology, and the father, a well-known technology entrepreneur from London, were sponsored by a Bexley London Borough to settle and start their family and business. Soon after living there they learned how Mum was discriminated against because of the colour of her skin, and when they were together they experienced it even worse as a mixed-race couple.  On many occasions, they were humiliated by this council’s public services, and the father had to pretend he was a single parent as the only way to get help for their children.

In 2014, one of their children started secondary school and they experienced race discrimination to the extreme. They were violently attacked in the first week of “big school” and for a further year, they were continuously victimised by the teachers who were supposed to be caring for them. These teachers unwittingly allowed the same bully to continuously target this child, and all of this resulted in a natural and logical reaction of anxiety. But this isn’t all, in 2017 this child tried to start again at another school, but the racial extreme worsened more. Their parents’ cries for help astonishingly resulted in the child being taken away and used to help a problematic English white family with multiple mental health issues. This significantly reduced Bexley Council’s workload across many public services, so they even tried to take away this child’s youngest sibling as an attempt to further gag the parents.

Unsurprisingly this vulnerable child was encouraged to have the same mental health issues as this “welfare family” claimed, but fortunately, this was too much and this child took clever steps themselves to cope and expose the culprits. Proving their parents’ 5 years of cries for help were never looked at by anyone at this council, this child gave one of their parents’ letters pleading for support to the English white family, who ironically presented it to this council and it was acted upon immediately. This problematic English white family’s home was then deemed to be unsafe for this child to live, and this led to the downfall of Bexley council’s conspiracy by giving Mum and Dad the voice they needed.

Worsening Institutional Racism Proven

An example of how far race discrimination goes in this council, Dad sought help from their local MP.  This MP said, “Tell your wife you have both done what you can, you have worked very hard and this is now in my hands to help your child”. But they then completely reversed their support having seemingly learned of the family’s ethnicity, and they backed the perpetrators by spending several months finding reasons to not help their child.

An example of the most recent mistakes of Bexley Council:

  • 21/06/2018 Mum and Dad sent a safeguarding risk warning to all of Bexley Council’s public services about their child’s friend’s family (the problematic English white family) but none of these organisations acted on this information.
  • 29/06/2018 (1 week later) Bexley Children’s Social Care Services conspire with Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Academy and Bexley Child and Adolescent Mental Health, to formally put Mum and Dad’s child into the problematic English white family’s home.
  • 25/07/2018 (1 month later) Bexley Children’s Social Care Services produce a Family and Home Assessment Report on the problematic English white family’s home, which formally proves Mum and Dad’s safeguarding risk warning is real. Bexley Children’s Social Care Services apologise to Mum and Dad and attempt to extract the child from the problematic English white family’s home.
  • 01/08/2018 (7 days later) Bexley Children’s Social Care Services realise the gravity of their mistakes and conspire to conceal their Family and Home Assessment Report on the problematic English white family’s home, and formally start their campaign that Mum and Dad are, all of a sudden, now unfit to parent any of their children.

Mum and Dad’s legal team then asked Bexley Children’s Social Care Services the following questions:

  1. Is it possible that Bexley Children’s Social Care Services have in fact discriminated against this mixed-race family, and is this discrimination by means of making their decisions based on helping the problematic English white family, as opposed to considering the human rights of this mixed-race family?

  2. Or is it possible that Mum and Dad actually became bad parents towards all of their children, all of a sudden on 01/08/2018?

With diaries all through this ordeal, Mum and Dad have also recorded, documented and legalised with their solicitors, all communication with staff from this Bexley borough’s public services. This has amassed 5 years of their child’s true feelings, and with many thousands of phone calls, meetings, letters and emails, all of which Mum and Dad used the words “please help treat our child”. Verifying everything in this article, they now have clear irrefutable evidence of this council’s race discrimination, proving council staff doing their minimum to keep the child in their workflow, but never having any intent to actually help them. Now 2019 and still no treatment for this child, they have uncovered the full extent of a widespread truly race discriminating establishment, and everything is about to change for them.


Mum: “Ever since I first stepped foot into this country I have experienced racial discrimination towards me and my family. It is getting worse and I just need it to stop.”

Dad: “Racism is growing throughout the western world. I took this fight on against the London establishment knowing it was going to be the fight of my life, and what a sweet victory this is already becoming!”

The Child (soon after living with the “welfare family”): “Once I get assessed for autism and pass the assessment I will get financial benefits”.

General comment from the many readers of this press release: “It is extremely sad when you spend energy and money on hatred towards children, who given the chance, will contribute greatness to the world.” And, “When you sabotage children just because of the colour of their skin you sabotage everyone’s future.”

Naming and Shaming the Perpetrators

Institutional Racism has finally picked on the wrong mixed-race family. They have used these facts to prove there are far too many minority race people who are discriminated against daily by England’s councils, and many of these will not know that others are treated more favourably. To help put an end to Institutional Racism, and save the many lives at risk from these mistakes made by England’s public services, Bexley Council, its unlawful schools and Children’s Social Care Services, all other associated organisations, and all perpetrating staff, are being named and shamed. This is not just isolated to London but is much more widespread. This story is starting to attract a very large army of professional individuals, organisations, and campaign groups, all who agree enough-is-enough, and are ready to support the demise of institutional racism. With a growing media network and with many more stories from others who have also experienced councils providing Grade-A services to English white people, but the bare minimum for minorities, this family is preparing to completely dwarf these territorial bigots, and to make them the minority.

To strengthen this fight we are calling upon others to share their stories of being treated unfairly by the establishment.  To share your views and/or experiences you can do this by emailing:

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Notes to editors:

This family is being sponsored by Viseum® Community SafetyWatch®, both legally for their fight against Institutional Racism and for the publicity of their fight. Media contact: Viseum® Community SafetyWatch® Press Office. Please email only and our response will be within 48 hours: REF: VISCSW8749 – INSTITUTIONAL RACISM UNCOVERED.

Race Discrimination and Institutional Racism

From a whistleblower in London’s Social Services: “What Bexley Council’s public services have done to this family has already happened to several other minority race families and is ongoing in other boroughs. One is going through the courts now.” And, “Although illegal, this strategy is becoming more commonly used by England’s social services. Using minority race children to help problematic English white families must stop. Councils will use minuted meetings for some processes but then conceal them for other processes. This is simply to prevent liability, and particularly where discrimination takes over rational decision making.”

The Equality Act 2010 (the Act) states that it is unlawful to directly, or indirectly, discriminate against a person who is accessing your service by treating them less favourably because of their protected characteristics. Perpetrators who commit this crime will uncaringly ignore their victim’s human rights. They will hear and create what they want, to fit and in many cases “shoehorn”, their own agenda.  It is also known in racial support groups that mixed-race families experience this worst. This is further worsened by the perpetrators from other minority races, who feel that this excuses them, and they will take their own experiences of discrimination to their victims.

Landmark Legal Case

It is becoming more common and especially against minorities, for a council’s public services to collaborate with each other to avoid accountability when mistakes are made against the public. Mum and Dad are taking legal action against all perpetrating organisations from Bexley Council’s public services. They have offered each of these organisations the opportunity of resolving their claims caused by race discrimination privately, using mutually selected ombudsmen, and also offered to pay for all their costs. None have accepted this offer which gives clear indication of their guilt:

  • Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Academy. This school are one of the biggest culprits who have inflicted the most cruelty to this child because of their racial discrimination against this family.
  • Bexley Children’s Social Care Services. Similarly, never before has this family been attacked by such a formidable group of racists.
  • Bexley Child and Adolescent Mental Health. Race discrimination and professional negligence. It is common knowledge that the NHS lack specialist training to treat mental health.
  • Bexleyheath Academy (BA School). Bullying, victimisation and race discrimination. This school has a reputation for doing exactly this to other minority race pupils.

Inhumane Child Cruelty 

No surprise, immediately following this child being influenced by the problematic English white family, they began self-harming with many emergencies involving the police and hospital A&E. This resulted in their many years of 100% immaculate school attendance immediately dropping astonishingly below acceptable standards.

Throughout this ordeal, Bexley Council still never spared any thought for this child, but, Mum and Dad’s solicitors presented all of these facts to each of these organisations and vowed to use the full force of the law to humiliate them, and destroy each of these individuals’ careers for doing this to their family. Criminal charges are also being filed against staff at each of these organisations, and should their child consider committing suicide again because of all of this and actually do it, then Mum and Dad will have all legal powers needed to have these individuals arrested under manslaughter charges:

  • 3 members of staff at Haberdashers’ Aske’s Crayford Academy.
  • 4 members of staff at Bexley Children’s Social Care Services.
  • 4 members of staff at Bexley Child and Adolescent Mental Health.
  • 2 members of staff at BA School.

Press packs also include case files against all organisations with 5 years of correlated evidence of racial discrimination:

  • Chapter 1 “Bullying and victimisation” 2014 – 2016.
  • Chapter 2 “Treatment” 2016 – Today.

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Face Recognition Technology – Racist Expressions AI Learning

Viseum UK has worked with this Mum and Dad to use their experiences for the development of Face Recognition Technology that can be used to help put an end to Institutional Racism.  This means that many low-paid workers who represent England’s public services will have better people-skills whereby realising what is and is not discriminating and therefore delivering an equal service for all.

AI Face Recognition Technology has played a role in learning racist expressions from staff within this council’s social services. Some simple examples of racist expressions: perpetrators of this crime will have expressions of disregard, dislike, and anger towards their victims; they will often seek a higher standing or sitting position and/or tilt their head backwards to look down at their victims. Ageing algorithms will also be used for how such expressions will effect face formation, such as wrinkles, over time.