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Community safety CCTV from Viseum surveillance cameras.

Ensuring everyone can live and work where it’s both safe and secure.

Community Safety
Wide Area Outdoor CCTV Surveillance

So every human being can live and work where it’s safe and secure

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The Viseum Intelligent Moving Camera (IMC) is the solution to the problem of wide area CCTV surveillance. Never before have large independent groups of business and residential communities been able to share ownership of advanced passive, yet proactive intelligent security cameras, with unique usage protocols that support privacy issues and meet data protection legislation.

Community Safety WatchCommunity Safety Watch® Summary

New and expanding markets that have developed since the introduction of the company’s  Community Safety Watch® 360° intelligent CCTV security schemes are testament to the revolution of providing wide area up to 360° surveillance in populated areas whilst ensuring privacy is kept intact.  These schemes are being deployed throughout the UK, with installations from southern England to the north and across the sea to the Isle of Man.

Only Viseum UK can support the delivery of this wide-area community safety surveillance service. Indeed, there is no other technically viable solution that can cover a large area so effectively from just one installation, whilst maintaining the level of privacy required. With a Viseum community safety system, no-one ever watches live or recorded video unless a crime has been committed, and even then only relevant recordings are retrieved automatically for specifically authorised viewers. As well as this, the technical solution is protected under European and US patents.

Installations of Community Safety Watch® security schemes are generally funded by one or more of the direct beneficiaries of the scheme, such as the community itself that the surveillance scheme will protect, or the local police and/or local council. To accelerate delivery of this scheme throughout Europe, the USA and Canada, Viseum is funding more pilots from an investment of up to £1 million.

Over the next four years, the UK government has predicted public sector job losses of around 490,000, although the expectation is that the private sector will be able to find employment posts for many of those displaced. Furthermore, the UK government’s ‘Big Society’ initiative which is designed to encourage local people to take control of their own communities, means that Community Safety Watch® is well placed to empower and facilitate the needs of local communities by employing displaced skilled law enforcement and security workers.

Community Safety Watch® UK service roll-out

With the UK’s highly competitive multimedia industry growing significantly year-on-year, the Viseum Community Safety Watch® service offers a highly lucrative captive market for all types of media packages. Negotiations are already underway with the UK’s large telecommunications companies to jointly supply and market this service nationally for group subscriptions. Joint marketing, sales and supply initiatives with some of the major telecommunication companies forecast take-up by 2015 of this new and unique service, typically covering the industrial parks and middle-Britain residential communities, across at least the 6 major cities of London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Cardiff and Belfast.

Following a nationwide feasibility study on how such a national security focused revenue generating initiative would be welcomed by the consumer, the highest financial level of UK DTI Smart Award was offered to Viseum for how this service would be deployed and operated. Viseum also showed how it would be endorsed by various groups such as National Neighbourhood Watch and the UK CCTV User Group (to name but two) in the expectation that all city, district, borough and county councils, as well as all police forces, would welcome and support Community Safety Watch® safer society initiatives in their public space areas.

Community Safety Watch

Photo of Support for Community Safety Watch® from The  surveillance system user group & CCTV Image

CCTV user group endorsement

A concept trial was launched to test market feasibility. This proved highly successful with the surveillance system User Group publishing their endorsement of the Viseum Community Safety Watch® service.

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Sponsored Community Safety Watch® applications:

If you are part of a UK business or residential community safety partnership in need of this security service, and all local authority crime reduction initiatives where you live or work have failed, please apply via email to [email protected].

Applications for Community Safety Watch® trade partnerships:

If you are a member of the security trade, for example a CCTV installation company or you supply a security service, and you are interested to become part of this service in your areas, please introduce your organisation via email to [email protected].

Notes for journalists:

Community Safety Watch® is the core reason that Viseum cameras were initially developed.

Police forces currently spend many £million each year reviewing CCTV for crucial evidence. This usually results in daily reports on why the CCTV evidence available for a particular crime, sometimes having taken many hours to retrieve and review, could not be used because the incident did not occur right in front of the CCTV security cameras.

Feedback from police forces who use Viseum UK’s Intelligent CCTV monitoring cameras is that just 4 Viseum cameras, operating completely automatically, outperform at least 20 of any other moving CCTV camera – each of which would also need a dedicated operator to watch and control in order to catch crime.

By being less reliant on CCTV monitoring infrastructures, but automatically performing ‘manned’ 24/7/365, Viseum UK’s Intelligent Moving Cameras (IMCs) bridge the gap between manned surveillance and standalone unmonitored CCTV security schemes. Their low running costs and unobtrusive operation makes CCTV monitoring in many wide area remote sites more feasible, whereas old technologies precluded them.

Viseum’s press office will be happy to arrange interviews with UK local authorities who have already taken this initiative. For interviews with Viseum please contact our Group President, Mr. Stuart Thompson, via [email protected]

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