“This security success is very important to London, the United Kingdom and indeed the rest of the world.” After seeing Viseum IMC Cameras monitoring access to a perimeter as well as within the perimeters compound, a City Governor said he will save lives by detecting insurgents approaching and infiltrating his City without risking the lives of his guards. A security professional responsible for CCTV Designs of the world's Critical Infrastructure Security also said "When security was breached before Viseum there was never any video to investigate and show us how best to strengthen the security".  The Sales Director for one of the largest PSIM Software companies said "We only target large international security projects - we do not have anything like Viseum but it will help us win every project that we bid for". This Police Officer also said "The Viseum Intelligent CCTV trailer is the fastest and most effective way to clear up our crime hotspots, because it gives immediate vast coverage just as soon as it reaches the remote site." Viseum’s credentials as problem solvers - This historical endorsement from 2004 is from the leading influencers of UK CCTV practices who then encouraged Viseum to start a new security market for groups of business and residential communities .

Featured Projects

The World’s Most Effective Security Camera Systems

Public Safety Video

 Viseum iVOS Global F3 Find, Fix and Follow Video Analytics Software 2016 PATENT PENDING – ANOTHER WORLD’S FIRST FROM VISEUM The Problem of Public Safety – The value of having sufficient Public Safety video available during emergencies is priceless. The value of a nation’s entire public safety security enterprise is openly seen throughout high profile incidents and investigations: It is crucial to ... Read More »

Safe Cities

Viseum Safe Cities and Smart Cities Viseum UK is well known as being at the forefront of the security industry for introducing high-end cutting-edge CCTV technologies, as trusted plug-and-play solutions for safe cities. Government, Police and Defence Security sectors are major key strengths of the Viseum UK security business, with the technical performance and reliability of our security solutions producing ... Read More »

Border Security

Viseum Border Security For the most effective and efficient boarder security, it is critical to have the ability to allow and disallow people and vehicles in and out of certain areas, without creating unnecessary delay. The flow of people, vehicles for automated face and vehicle registration checks through certain areas of a security enterprise using Viseum surveillance solutions, can be ... Read More »

Traffic Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement Intelligent CCTV & Road Safety Management Greater CCTV surveillance coverage from fewer camera installations Fewer staff and more traffic contraventions processed Delivering the best results for the safest roads Today’s challenges for CCTV traffic enforcement Traffic enforcement is not easy. Current methods of policing moving and static road traffic offences, whether using foot patrols, manned traffic enforcement vehicles ... Read More »

Airport CCTV

Intelligent Airport CCTV Surveillance & Security Viseum’s Intelligent Airport CCTV Video Management System gives heightened airport security and effective airport CCTV surveillance Viseum UK provide the most effective CCTV systems for airport CCTV surveillance and security covering both perimeter security and all movement within areas of an airport. This optimised CCTV surveillance comes from using the Viseum Intelligent Moving Camera (Viseum ... Read More »

Critical Infrastructure Security

Critical Infrastructure Security Video Surveillance Greater surveillance coverage from fewer CCTV Camera Installations. More close-up evidence captured automatically. Delivering the best security for the highest deterrent. Today’s Critical Infrastructure Security Video Surveillance Challenges With today’s security climate of global terrorism there is a need to combat threats on critical infrastructures. For this it is crucial to collect high quality close‐up ... Read More »

Construction Site Security

Solving the Problem of Construction Site Security Greater surveillance coverage from fewer CCTV cameras. More close-up evidence captured automatically. Delivering the best security for the highest deterrent. Today’s Construction Site Security Challenges It is crucial to collect high quality close-up video evidence of when, where and how the security of a construction site is breached causing considerable loss and criminal ... Read More »

Gated Communities

Gated Communities Surveillance Service Gated Communities are an ideal security market for Viseum to dominate because no other technology can deliver such a high security non privacy infringing CCTV service.   Read More »

Riot Police

The World’s Best Riot Police Tactics Demonstrating the Worlds Best CCTV Deterrent Public rioting is a growing problem throughout the world for many cities. The Metropolitan Police said that the 2011 riots in London alone cost at least £300m in loss and damages (The Guardian October 2011). The Viseum Riot Police Product Solution saves counties these many millions per operation, by deterring ... Read More »