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Governments’ Public Safety

Governments’ Public Safety Held To Account…

International technology patents are now being used to show governments how to win their fight against crime and terror.crime Places where people gather are now considered likely targets for mass killings, yet have always been the most technically problematic areas to deliver public safety. CCTV is heavily relied upon during these outbreaks, but as this industry has not been regulated, it has not delivered results.

Unregulated markets lack quality and standards, and especially in today’s security climate, a disruptive technology is needed to change how this industry’s professionals spend, save and make money, when delivering public safety. The Viseum UK Group exposes the 3 main areas of the CCTV industry that are in need of this regulation:

Government Security Advisers “CCTV Consultants

Most of the CCTV industry’s professional security consultants make their profits by specifying the cheapest equipment for Public Safety CCTV. They do this to justify their own high costs of designing it, and many also recommend their preferred manufacturers of such equipment to make hidden commissions out of their governments.

CCTV Cameras and Software “CCTV Technology

To support this trend, public safety equipment has so much competition it forces manufacturers to reduce their quality, sell cheap and in high volume, only to make profits from frequent downtimes, maintenance visits and replacements. Also, with such an unregulated industry where selling in volume is crucial, this discourages technology innovation:

CCTV Cameras

The Pan, Tilt and Zoom Camera (PTZ) is a commodity component of the CCTV industry and is central to public safety. Yet, because the PTZ needs to be constantly watched and controlled by a person, but it can only see one small area at a time, criminals all but disregard them, making them the root cause of why most security systems do not deliver results.  

CCTV Software

The latest major CCTV technology development is Video Analytics Software. This is software that automatically watches cameras, but this has limited applications because the software can only monitor fixed cameras.  

cctv-operatorsPeople Watching Cameras CCTV Operators

Most people are under the common misconception that CCTV is just like the TV show “Big Brother”. Where many highly skilled surveillance experts are watching and studying our every move. This could not be further from the truth:

Public Safety Designs

Public safety CCTV is designed around having a very small number of people watching many thousands of cameras, but in reality a person can only look at one camera at a time.  Also, with wages an ongoing and increasing cost they are the most expensive operational overhead. This job has a high turnover of staff because people are notoriously unreliable for constantly monitoring critical services, with operators failing to turn up for work and lacking concentration.  

Public Safety Budgets Wasted

It is commonly accepted for governments and law enforcement agencies to waste many millions each year, and many thousands of man-hours attempting to find and retrieve just a few seconds of crucial video evidence, from days, or months of stored video. The vast majority of these efforts result, daily, in lengthy reports as to why the CCTV evidence was not available or could not be used. 

Worryingly, very true at each point. UK CCTV Public Safety Command Control Manager


Disruptive Technology Solutionviseum-imc-remote-cctv-monitoring

The Viseum Intelligent Moving Camera (Viseum IMC) was invented as the solution to these issues. It uses fixed contextual view cameras and PTZ Cameras together with Intelligent Video Analytics Software, to automatically monitor large complex and challenging environments. It is built to the highest quality standards, it does not require CCTV operators to operate, and it optimises people to respond.This internationally patented innovation is now dominating a new market that has bridged the large gap between, and solved these many intrinsic problems with, standalone CCTV security systems and manned surveillance services.

Internationally Regulated Crime Deterrentviseum-imc-transforming-ptz-cameras

As the much needed solution for governments’ public safety law enforcement, the Viseum IMC camera is also the key paradigm to stimulate government regulation for CCTV. Patents have been granted globally for the invention of the Viseum IMC camera, and in demonstrating this regulation, any other brand of camera that looks like a Viseum is seen as an illegal unregulated copy that compromises its user’s entire security enterprise.

The Viseum IMC and Viseum iVOS Software Technology Services



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