Viseum Customer Business Case

Over halving the running costs of security enterprise by more than doubling the turnover for systems integrators

Disruptive Technology

Disruptive Technology creates new markets and displaces established technologies, to change how people spend, save and make money in particular markets. The Viseum IMC camera is the only CCTV camera to automatically detect multiple incidents from close to long range and in all directions at the same time. Automatically monitor and uniquely follow over 100 times more people or vehicles, and automatically detect and enforce over 15 times more incidents or traffic contraventions from each camera installation.

> See Viseum CCTV Performance Statistics <

The visual appearance of the Viseum IMC Panoramic Security Camera operating automatically protecting all surroundings, displays to would-be criminals the entire site is constantly watched by many surveillance experts. 



Viseum customers need the World’s Best CCTV Security and Surveillance Systems. Our solutions are purchased throughout the world where the potential impact of anti-social, criminal or terrorist activity upon public confidence, commercial profit or corporate reputation, is judged as being unacceptably high. If budget is the main deciding factor for a security project requirement, Viseum will not pursue the sale. However, when a customer seeks to judge upon technical performance and reliability – Viseum will confidently compete and win the sale. Once this is explained at the start of any business relationship, we also present a compelling Business Case with substantial operational savings, whereby Viseum solutions pay for themselves within the first year of procurement.

Viseum Safe City Customer Business Case

Viseum will deliver at least 10 times more value than its closest competition and this is because of the superior technical performance, the highest quality and reliability. Viseum will typically quote triple of any other bidder, who will then have to quote at least triple this again to match Viseum camera coverage, AND for what will still remain an inferior solution for effective coverage, technical performance and reliability. This also excludes the extreme costs for installation, and 24/7/365 monitoring, of any other camera needed to deliver similar security coverage.

Viseum will design the strongest security with the best automated surveillance, and with more coverage than any competition. Viseum Product Solutions use far less operational overheads and our security designs are the most practical for technical performance and reliability. This protects more people and more assets of a remote site, and with the highest quality video than any other solution.

For any type of threat or disaster, video of before, during and after an incident is critical for the fastest and most appropriate security response. Enough high quality evidence in which to investigate and convict is also essential. During these occasions each and every pixel of video information is priceless and the value of your security infrastructure is openly seen. Together with Viseum’s unparalleled value as a deterrent, this is one of the technology strengths that only Viseum delivers as standard.

> Viseum CCTV Innovations Value Philosophy <

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Return on Investment

This document shows how a Viseum CCTV solution always delivers the highest ROI, over any other CCTV security and surveillance camera. End-user endorsements state that a Viseum CCTV security system:


  • Provides around 10 times the value, and,
  • At least halves the cost of ownership, and,
  • More than doubles the return on investment.

“High End” Security Projects + Practical Wide Area Coverage

Viseum UK’s intelligent surveillance solutions not only attract high end security projects, where anything else other than the best available security and surveillance equipment may compromise the customers security, but customers also purchase Viseum equipment as the most practical solution to protect all their areas of concern.

The security surveillance systems we design can be installed ‘plug and play’, without the need for the otherwise lengthy procurement and installation processes of standard technologies, requiring considerable camera and cabling infrastructures.


Safe City Endorsements

Independent endorsements say that Viseum cameras produce at least 25 times more usable video evidence, and clear up at least 15 times more incidents than any other camera, and that it would take at least 5 – 6 times more installations of any ‘constantly manned’ advanced PTZ camera solution, or at least 10 of the industry’s latest panoramic megapixel cameras, or a minimum of 200 times more standard fixed camera installations, to provide the level of CCTV security that each Viseum IMC provides without being dependent on any surveillance operators or CCTV infrastructures.


Other Key Financial Selling Points


  • Self-monitored, self-operated and self-managed, as opposed to key operational dependencies on high bandwidth communications, 24/7 operators and central control equipment.
  • 1 plug and play installation for immediate vast coverage, as opposed to procuring, cabling and maintaining many multiples of separate camera installations.
  • Installations are monitored locally with no operator fatigue or physical risk to their well-being e.g. areas prone to disorder.

Direct Operational Safe City Savings

Viseum UK’s end user working group have researched the direct and on-going operational cost savings available.  Results of this research show:


  • Communications – The Viseum IMC was designed to deliver the highest quality images using lowest bandwidth broadband services. It is the only camera that automatically and proactively sustains the long term deterrent and continues to monitor and capture evidence of incidents, A) if the surveillance operator is unavailable and B) if the remote communications ever becomes temporarily unstable.
  • Police savings example – around $1m per year per district.  > Download Police Savings Calculator Examples <
  • Remote monitoring savings example – around $1/2m per year per district. > Download Remote Monitoring Savings Calculator Example <
  • Manned guarding security – this is one of the most expensive options for site security and is notoriously unreliable, with operatives failing to turn up for work and lacking concentration. Wages are an on-going and increasing cost, whereas the typical payback for Viseum Intelligent CCTV solutions is between 12 and 18 months, and from then on costs are negligible. > Manned Guarding Savings Calculator Available 2017 Q4 <
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Regional Safe City savings from cost of crimeCCTV security system

Viseum cameras clear up at least 70% of crime in complex and challenging environments. The following formula can be used to estimate the savings gained in relation to the cost of crime to support the business case for a Viseum solution:

Possible savings using Viseum = Region’s costs of crime in complex and challenging environments x 0.7


Resulting Safe City Regional Economic Benefits

The long term deterrent value created using Viseum intelligent CCTV results in a drop in local crime rates and reduced insurance premiums, thus attracting new businesses, visitors and new residents to what has now become a low crime area.


Comparison Installation

A typical Viseum installation of around 100 Viseum IMC cameras protects an area of approximately 6km2.

For the same level of effective CCTV coverage with the next best camera solution, it would require 1000 x 180° next best panoramic megapixel cameras, 1,120TB more hard disk storage and 6.45Gbps more video transmission bandwidth.

> Download Manufacturer’s Comparison Chart <


Ease of Procurement

As this solution is internationally patented, and therefore only one source of supply, Viseum customers do not need to tender their security projects, therefore also benefiting by saving significant time, resources and funds during procurement.


The UK Governments National CCTV Strategy

Viseum UK is the only CCTV Technology provider in the world to successfully meet, and surpass, the UK Government’s latest National CCTV Strategy Recommendations. This report sought Viseum’s patented CCTV innovation to overcome the many long-standing and widely recognised problems with both new & legacy CCTV systems. “Viseum UK surpassed these recommendations in both specification & spirit.”

What this means for our customers is – Viseum camera installations deliver holistic benefits for multi-agency compatibility. Example – each Viseum camera installation can remain being used for its primary task, but can also be used at the same time for other functions e.g. securing the city and creating additional revenue streams, such as managing traffic flow and road contraventions.

Viseum Sales Assets – This downloads page holds sales collateral to help generate and win Viseum sales. This page is regularly updated with new sales collateral, including brochures, Product Solution Datasheets, PowerPoint presentations (many audio narrated) and white papers, etc. Each sales asset here also changes regularly with better sales messages taken from our most recent customer feedback.


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