$200m of CCTV security system improvements

Viseum UK reports ‘mission accomplished’ by delivering CCTV security system
improvements and operational savings worth at least $200m.

Helping organisations throughout the world deliver the highest levels of CCTV security,
Viseum UK is now well on the way
to delivering at
least $1billion more improvements by 2017.

Business Case

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Viseum CCTV security system business case

Viseum UK’s intelligent CCTV surveillance solutions not only attract high end projects, where anything other than the best available surveillance equipment may compromise client security, but clients also purchase Viseum equipment as the most cost-effective security cameras to protect all their areas of concern.

The CCTV security systems we design can be installed ‘plug and play’, without the need for the otherwise lengthy procurement and installation processes of standard technologies, requiring considerable camera and cabling infrastructures.

CCTV Surveillance Security System Endorsements

Independent endorsements show that Viseum cameras clear up 15 times more incidents than any other camera, and that it would take at least 5 to 6 times more installations of any other advanced PTZ camera solution, or at least 10 of the industry’s latest panoramic megapixel cameras, or a minimum of 200 times more standard fixed camera installations, to provide the level of security that each single Viseum outdoor surveillance camera provides without being dependent on any surveillance operators or surveillance infrastructures.

Other Key Financial Points

  • Self-monitored, self-operated and self-managed, as opposed to key operational dependencies on high bandwidth communications, 24/7/365 operators and central control equipment.
  • 1 plug and play installation for immediate vast coverage, as opposed to procuring, cabling and maintaining several separate camera installations.
  • Installations are monitored locally with no operator fatigue or physical risk to their well-being (e.g. areas prone to disorder).

Comparison CCTV Security System Installation

CCTV security systemA typical Viseum security system uses around 10 Viseum IMC cameras to protect an area approximately 600m2. For the same level of effective coverage with the next best security system, it would require 100 x 180° panoramic megapixel cameras, 112TB more hard disk storage and 645Mbps more video transmission bandwidth.

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Return on Investment

A Viseum solution always delivers the highest ROI over any other security equipment. End-user endorsements state that a Viseum Security System:

  • Provides between 6 and 10 times the value.
  • At least halves the cost of ownership.
  • More than doubles the return on investment.

Direct Operational Savings

Viseum UK’s end user technology partners have researched the direct operational cost savings available for UK boroughs. Results of this research show:

  • Police savings example – around £1/2m per year.
  • Remote monitoring savings example – around £1/2m per year.
  • Manned guarding – one of the most expensive options for site security and notoriously unreliable because it relies on personnel turning up for work, their continued concentration and reliability to carry out their job. Their wages are also an on-going and increasing cost, whereas the typical payback for Viseum UK intelligent surveillance solutions is between 12 and 18 months, and from then on costs are negligible.
    manned guarding savings calculator available 2015 Q4 <

Regional Savings from Cost-of-Crime

Viseum cameras clear up at least 70% of crime in open space. The following formula can be used to estimate the savings gained in relation to the cost of crime to support the business case for a Viseum CCTV security system:

Possible Savings Using Viseum = Region’s Cost of Public Space Wide Area crime x 0.7

Resulting Regional Economic Benefits

The long term deterrent value created using this intelligent security system results in a drop in local crime rates and reduced insurance premiums, thus attracting new businesses and new residents to what has now become a low crime area.