The Head of Overt CCTV Surveillance for this Police Force also said "Viseum's technical capability is unquestionable, but we will always remember Viseum above anyone else for their main strength of listening to us to develop their innovation."

CCTV Support Services

Viseum Remote Managed Support Services


RemoteManagedSupportServicesRMSViseum CCTV Support Services are a very important part of Viseum Product Solutions. This service is used to provide ongoing training and support for your Viseum Product Solutions to remain at the cutting-edge of crime-fighting techniques.

Viseum Product Solutions are fully supported by our team of dedicated IT security specialists, who have extensive experience in the integration of digital video systems, intelligent video analytics software, data networking and end-to-end operational CCTV security and surveillance processes. This service gives the following key benefits:



Interactive Training and Support

Viseum Support Service enables its support team to provide first-hand interactive training and support 24/7/365. By seeing what end users see and listening to their local knowledge, each particular Viseum installation is trained to operate automatically as needed to clear up crime. This requires the translation of what the customer needs into a scientific description, for video analytics software instructions.

Surveillance profiles can be made for each specific installation, to operate at different times of the day or week. This provides flexibility of exactly when, where and how each area is prioritised for the surveillance monitoring for expected or unexpected activities and incidents. Furthermore, if local knowledge reports any change of crime and disorder trends, or if any street furniture has been added or taken away, Viseum’s remote Managed Support Services can adjust your automated surveillance routines to fit.

Ease of Installation and MaintenanceViseum Technology and Support Strengths

This secure online service is typically controlled by the customer via secure broadband Internet. It offers ease of installation and maintenance to help any preferred local CCTV installation company install and provide ongoing maintenance and support for Viseum Products Solutions, without any Viseum specific technical training, other than having general digital system knowledge:

  • Installation – The Viseum IMC’s Fixed Contextual View Camera adjustments are recommended and commissioned to ensure correct coverage is achieved.
  • Maintenance – Costly call out charges and downtime which affect service are reduced to an absolute minimum:
    • Immediate and potential hardware problems are dealt with as they occur using Viseum’s automated watchdog software. This automatically reports hardware component status and provides self-repair where possible.
    • Software upgrades are uploaded and installed after arranging minimal out of hours downtime.
    • Site maintenance visits are avoided unless absolutely necessary.

Included for the 3-year duration of your remote managed support service:


  • Software warranty, any ad-hoc training for advanced functionality and free software upgrades.
  • Support for video evidence interrogation and emergency disk seize processes.
  • End-user software and technology invention patent licences.

The Viseum support service is recommended but not obligatory after the first 3 years.

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